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Late to the Weekend Coffee Share Party

I think I have been in a daze lately. I completely missed the Weekend Coffee Share this weekend. Suddenly, it is time to plan for Thanksgiving, figure which grocery store to buy what I need or at least think I need. I am already… Continue Reading “Late to the Weekend Coffee Share Party”

Rollercoaster Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. After a brief treat of unseasonable warmth, brisk temperatures remind me that is November and winter is coming.  I hope all is well in your world. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Let’s catch up.  If we were having coffee together,… Continue Reading “Rollercoaster Coffee Share”

Preparing Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone  I hope you are all well and relieved. I, for one, dare to feel hopeful. It is a beautiful Sunday morning on the south shore of Long Island. I am sitting in my pleasantly cool sunroom with my cat, Hershey, who… Continue Reading “Preparing Coffee Share”

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