A Thankful Thanksgiving Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone.

 The day has not dawned yet. I am writing in my unheated sunroom without a blanket over me. It will be a warmer than expected day here on the south shore of Long Island. I am up early to meet my sisters for a Sunday brunch at Mom’s house. I’m bringing the bagels. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that Thanksgiving was a success. The tent rental had sides to keep the morning rain out and the wind from blowing everything into the next yard. Everyone could distance themselves, remain outside while we counted our blessings, and enjoyed the day together. Everyone brought something to the table. Of course, there was too much to eat. Matt barbequed the turkey, his specialty, mostly sitting down with his leg raised. The new knee is recovering very well. 

Throughout the day, some tears mingled with lots of laughter. Those of us who needed to be together on this thankful day were able to reminisce as we navigated the COVID challenges and break in new traditions. We had and have so much to be grateful for. Dad’s spirit was with us.

If we were having coffee together, I would report that Becoming America’s Food Stories is out in the world in paperback and eBook formats. You can take advantage of Black Friday Cyber Monday long weekend and order Becoming America’s Food Stories eBook for $1.99 at Amazon. Daily  Bread eBook is also on sale for 99¢. If any of you foodies or story lovers out in blog land is interested in reviewing Becoming America’s Food Stories, please contact me for more specials. 

If we were having coffee together, I would remind you that December 8th is the virtual Book Talk at the Tenement Museum. Still so excited! Here is the link

I would also remind you of the first Daily Bread Jr. Bookworm Book Talk will be recorded on Monday—that’s tomorrow! Seven children will Zoom in for a lively discussion. It should be a lot of fun.  Stay tuned for the recorded link.  

If you had purchased a paperback or ebook Daily BreadThank you!

Take a picture of you with Daily Bread, and I’ll send you Reader’s Swag and add you to the Daily Bread Reader slideshow. Kid pics are welcomed with parent or guardian permission. Please email me for details. Don’t forget to leave a rating and quick comment on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

The day is dawning. I need to start the day and get the bagels, cream cheese, and maybe some lox. 

Big thank yous go out to Eclectic Ali for keeping the Weekend Coffee Share up and running.

Have a good week, Everyone. Make it great.

Be well. Be safe.  


Daily Bread is set in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 1911. The story follows nine-year-old Lily, an American-born child of Sicilian immigrants, who wants to prove she is not a little kid. To be a big kid in the crowded tenement neighborhoods, she must tackle bigotry, bullies, disasters, dotty bakers, and learn to cross the street by herself.

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Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

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