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Stories Served Workshops present avenues towards creative writing processes. Personal experience essays, journaling, and storytelling compel students to take a chance and compose pieces that are salient to their perspective. Through prompts, the students write beyond the facts and chronicle events to create essays and story-lines that are fun to write and a joy to read. The workshops include the editing and researching processes and review the value of kind critiques.

Three Stories Served Workshops are now available:

1. Journal On! A Writer’s Daily Workshop presents the value of daily journal practice for both students and teachers. Journal writing is a creative outlet. With practice, the written words paint the pictures and feel the emotions of the moments. Memories stir. Reflection reveals paths, solutions, and gratitude. Storytelling is born. Students are guided with prompts and strategies to create a means to fit journal writing into their day.

2. Writers Write Workshop presents the core of written storytelling. Compelling personal experience stories, tales told around the dinner table or in the cafeteria, and reminiscences of people who touched our lives all have a voice that draws a reader into the journey. Students have the opportunity to interview, write short narratives, employ editing tactics, and participate in a kind critiquing session.

3. Creative Writing With History Workshop takes students through the research process of writing historical fiction. Every major event has had a ripple effect on ordinary people and their stories. Finding and reading through interviews, articles, photographs, and maps are part of the process (and the fun). The styles of dress and hair and what people ate during a specific period provide the details that make a fictional story, in a period of time, believable. Students will brainstorm a premise during an era they are currently studying and use a template to guide their research.

Contact me for author visit information and professional development options. In-person and remote presentations are available. 

Antoinette Truglio Martin was a Long Island speech therapist and special educator for forty years, but a writer all of her life. She is the author of the children’s picture book, Famous Seaweed Soup, and the memoir Hug Everyone You Know: a Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. Several of her essays and articles were published, and she was a columnist for two Long Island periodicals. Currently, Antoinette regularly blogs family stories and life musings at Stories Served Around the Table. Her latest work, Daily Bread—a middle grade historical fiction novel set in the Lower East Side of Manhattan 1911, was inspired by her storyteller grandmother and is awaiting publication.

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