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Chicago Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. Sit down a minute and have a cup of coffee with me.  If we were having coffee together, I would report that I am writing from downtown Chicago today- a fantastic city to visit. My first-ever college roommate and long-time dear… Continue Reading “Chicago Coffee Share”

Summer 2019 Recap

Welcome to Stories Served Around The Table Summer Recap. As with most summers, this one flew by in a wake of beaching, sailing, reconnecting, and gathering. There were ups, some downs, gains and a few heartfelt losses. I wrote several boat stories and mused… Continue Reading “Summer 2019 Recap”

August Morning Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. It is a lovely Sunday morning on the south shore of Long Island. Temperatures cooled, and the humidity is at a reasonable level. The windows are opened, and the AC is off!.  Pour yourself a cup of morning brew, and I’ll… Continue Reading “August Morning Coffee Share”

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