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Kids and Heat Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. I've got a bold brew of Community Coffee from a Keurig pod. Join me for a virtual coffee visit. I have been in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, watching my grandchildren this past week. Their daycares are on hiatus, so I'm happily filling in. We have been very busy baking cupcakes, going to… Continue reading Kids and Heat Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

Beach Two Weeks Coffee Share Recap

I had planned to get this posted last night (Friday, August 9th), but plans are easily thwarted. Please excuse the tardy time references. Good morning, Everyone. I’ve got an early cup of coffee, and a sand chair dug into the edge of the shore. The ocean crashes-a constant roar of power and beauty. Little sandpipers… Continue reading Beach Two Weeks Coffee Share Recap

Weekend Coffee Share

July’s End Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. It is a beautiful morning on the south shore of Long Island. July is ending in a burst of self-inflicted busy-ness.  Pour your coffee, and we’ll catch up. If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that I am enjoying my Wednesday nights sailing sunfish with a group of women.… Continue reading July’s End Coffee Share

Yesterday's Stories

The Boat Part 2

Recap The Boat Part 1 from here. When Matt handed over that dollar to buy the Sumner Craft, a year-long series of events unfolded. My mother agreed to let The Boat remain in the front yard during its renovation. Matt immediately assessed needs and obstacles. The Boat was a heap of Humpty Dumpty parts and… Continue reading The Boat Part 2

Yesterday's Stories

The Boat Part 1

Dad found the 1962 Sumner Craft languishing in a boatyard. It had all of the requisites for a good family boat. There was enough room for a collection of fishing poles and beach paraphernalia and easily fit EVERYONE who wanted to go on a boat outing as well as those who were not so keen… Continue reading The Boat Part 1

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Midsummer Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew, and we’ll catch up. It is a lovely summer morning here on the South shore of Long Island. If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that this summer is busy. The yard is finally planted and almost completely mulched. Our Hershoff… Continue reading Midsummer Coffee Share

Yesterday's Stories

The Genesis of Boat Passions

Boats have always been in my life. I paddled a small boat in canals before I was allowed to bicycle beyond my home street. Yes, it is true that boats tend to be a big metaphoric hole to throw in money. Boat ownership involves a great deal of patience, too much time, planning, luck, and… Continue reading The Genesis of Boat Passions

Yesterday's Stories

Fourth of July Memory

  The Fourth of July brings the pride of America to the forefront. No matter what the flavor or tone of the political scene, July 4th is every American's birthday party. Lucky for us the forefathers declared independence in the summer when days are ripe for picnics, parades, and spangly celebrations. In my world, the… Continue reading Fourth of July Memory

Weekend Coffee Share

Moving up Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone.  If we were having coffee together, I would wish everyone a very fun-filled summer. Monday will be the last day of the 2018-2019 school year at the Remsenburg-Speonk Elementary school. The school is small and compared to the neighboring districts. There is one class for each grade from K-6. Currently, there are… Continue reading Moving up Coffee Share

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Anniversary Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. How is your coffee on this blustery wet morning? Matt and I are at Davis Park; a cozy beach community on Fire Island (just a quick boat ride across the Great South Bay). We are staying in our friend's cottage for the weekend overlooking the ocean. There is no better place to… Continue reading Anniversary Coffee Share