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Moving up Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone.  If we were having coffee together, I would wish everyone a very fun-filled summer. Monday will be the last day of the 2018-2019 school year at the Remsenburg-Speonk Elementary school. The school is small and compared to the neighboring districts. There is one class for each grade from K-6. Currently, there are… Continue reading Moving up Coffee Share

Ramblings & Writing

Anniversary Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. How is your coffee on this blustery wet morning? Matt and I are at Davis Park; a cozy beach community on Fire Island (just a quick boat ride across the Great South Bay). We are staying in our friend's cottage for the weekend overlooking the ocean. There is no better place to… Continue reading Anniversary Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

May Recap

Good Morning. Hope all is well with Everyone. Come on in for a cup of coffee while I get my Stories Served Around The Table May Recap posted. I am trying to juggle a few things at once, ergo, a meld of Coffee Share and Recap is presented for your reading pleasure.   Welcome to Stories… Continue reading May Recap

Weekend Coffee Share

Memorial Day Coffee Share

Good Morning, Everyone. It’s a lovely spring dawn, perfect for a bold cup of coffee. Join me. If we were having coffee together, I would reflect on this Memorial Day weekend with you. Traditionally, the weekend marks the kickoff for the summer season. Out east traffic is building during my commute to and from school.… Continue reading Memorial Day Coffee Share

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Detours and Distractions Coffee Share

Good Morning, Everyone. I am sipping bold black coffee while writing. Join in me in my rambling. If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that there are only five weeks until the summer break (YEAH!), but it is gonna be a whirlwind. "Kindergarten is so much fun, and there is ALWAYS so… Continue reading Detours and Distractions Coffee Share

Yesterday's Stories


Think Back Thursday Lunch I attended my neighborhood elementary school during the 60s. School lunches were not memorable. During those early years, I walked home for lunch with my little sisters in tow. We crossed Merrick Highway with the help of the crossing guard. My mom or babysitter, Josie, (if Mom was substitute teaching that… Continue reading Lunch

Weekend Coffee Share

Mother’s Day Coffee Share

Good Morning, Everyone. And Happy Mother's Day to all of you nurturers out there.   Although we can blame the greeting card, telephone, and floral monopolies for inventing the day, pausing to honor the women who created our body and spirit is always a noble endeavor. It is a reflective morning as I sip my… Continue reading Mother’s Day Coffee Share

Yesterday's Stories

Childhood Terrors

Think Back Thursday Childhood Terrors Kids get sick. Young immune systems cannot ward off everything that comes its way. Although kids take it in stride, it is the adults who are terrorized by the possible aftermath when facing  life threatening illness. We live in a time when viruses and infections can be tackled with great… Continue reading Childhood Terrors

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

Z My Name Is Zuberi

  Marafiki Wapenzi Z my name is Zuberi I live in Zanzibar, Tanzania My friend’s name is Zulfa We like to play Mamba We speak Swahili And now we’ll say "Faida" Mamba An area is marked with definite boundaries. Everyone must stay within the boundaries. One player is the mamba (snake). The snake chases the… Continue reading Z My Name Is Zuberi

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

Y My Name Is Yani

Zdravstvuyte Druz'ya Y my name is Yani I live in Yaroslavl, Russia My friend’s name is Yuri We like to play Cossacks and Bandits We speak Russian                       And now we’ll say "Proshchay" Cossacks and Bandits Players split into two teams. The Bandits hide while… Continue reading Y My Name Is Yani