Famous Seaweed Soup

Get Ready for a new generation of

Famous Seaweed Soup fans.

Back Then

Famous Seaweed Soup was my first children’s picture book. It was published in 1993 and had a great run. I enjoyed sharing this beachy-fun story of independence and resilience with so many children, teachers, parents and friends.

Kirkus Review: In her first book, Martin structures a family visit to the beach around a clever inversion of “The Little Red Hen.” Nobody helps Sara make her soup of seaweed (two kinds), snails, and “smelly stuff” from a beach combing–her parents are busy putting on sunscreen, fixing lunch, taking care of the baby, or reading. Sara doesn’t mind at all; she stirs up her concoction with a feather and exacts her penalty:
those who didn’t help must eat it! Which they cheerfully do, with much slurping and, presumably, little swallowing. An engaging approach to a popular subject, winningly visualized in Westcott’s lively illustrations; she summons up the seaside flavor in dozens of deftly captured details–the curl of a sandy bare toe, a curious gull’s cocked head, a relaxed parent’s smile. Nice. (Picture book. 3-7) — Copyright ©1993,
Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

School Library Journal (1993) Famous Seaweed Soup offers a sweetly
delivered catalog of beach activities and beachcombers’ treasures. In other words, it’s a child-oriented portrait of a family outing.”–School Library
Journal. Full color.

Sadly, this edition is no longer in print, but you can read along with me via YouTube.

The galleys (the written part of the book) reverted back to me. Over the years, colleagues, friends, and former students, who are now grown up raising their young children, asked about Famous Seaweed Soup. Public libraries had copies, but it was difficult to find the book for home and classroom bookshelves. My grand kids, and grand nephews loved the story. Suddenly, a new generation of Famous Seaweed Soup fans came on the scene. I had to get this book back in children’s hands and libraries.

Into my writer’s life stepped Penny Weber, illustrator extraordinaire, and Alexa Bigwarfe of Purple Butterfly Press. New illustrations, updated content, and an incredible marketing plan revived the beloved story. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it. Famous Seaweed Soup debuts in May 2023!

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