Yesterday's Stories

The Piano Player Part II

My grandfather, Willy Truglio, had the soul of a musician. As my father recounted his stories, it became clear that Willy held a deep love and loyalty for his family, friends, and neighbors. He cast a wide net of devotion laced with music. My father, Bill Truglio, continues to convey his father’s gentle being. ************** My… Continue reading The Piano Player Part II

Ramblings & Writing

The Piano Player Part I

My grandfather’s baby grand Steinway & Sons piano stands on sturdy mahogany legs in my parent’s living room.  The rock maple case is encased in black walnut veneer giving off that classic Steinway & Sons presence. The Steinway & Sons name is scrolled in gold paint on the fall board. The white keys are ivory,… Continue reading The Piano Player Part I

Yesterday's Stories

A Day Begins

  My mother’s grandmother was the matriarch of the family. Every detail of home life was dictated by her. Despite the strict force, the woman aimed to keep her charges well, safe and loved.  My mother told this story many times. She was raised in a multi-generation home on West 9th Street in Brooklyn.  … Continue reading A Day Begins