Yesterday's Stories

Windows and Wildlife

My family moved from a cozy cottage in Amityville, Long Island to a brand new spacious colonial in Sayville—20 miles further east on the island that felt rural to my Brooklyn-born parents and their families still rooted in the homeland. My parents had bought the lot six or seven years before building the house. It… Continue reading Windows and Wildlife

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A Prom Story Part One

Proms have evolved over the years. Decorating the school gymnasium has been replaced by booking a brave restaurant venue. A one-man DJ substitutes for the local band and limos and coach buses line up to transport the youths instead of a mom’s minivan.  A few things have not changed, though. There is always the excitement… Continue reading A Prom Story Part One

Yesterday's Stories

A Day Begins

  My mother’s grandmother was the matriarch of the family. Every detail of home life was dictated by her. Despite the strict force, the woman aimed to keep her charges well, safe and loved.  My mother told this story many times. She was raised in a multi-generation home on West 9th Street in Brooklyn.  … Continue reading A Day Begins

Ramblings & Writing

Zucchini Laments

“Googootz `e solo un googootz,” lamented my Grandma regarding plain zucchini.  She was an excellent cook. She was especially skilled in preparing any vegetable into a culinary masterpiece, no matter how vile a memory the name may evoke. Grandma’s Broccoli Rabe, Swiss Chard, Artichoke, Eggplant, and the like deserved a leading title. I agreed with… Continue reading Zucchini Laments