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A Saab Story

It could have been construed as a love affair. The beginning eye attractions soon morphed into a need to know, to touch, and a longing to have. Love can only explain my husband, Matt’s, fascination for Saabs.   Matt had owned a Saab, in some form or another, since 1978. He found the lines “classic” and… Continue reading A Saab Story

Yesterday's Stories

The Piano Player Part II

My grandfather, Willy Truglio, had the soul of a musician. As my father recounted his stories, it became clear that Willy held a deep love and loyalty for his family, friends, and neighbors. He cast a wide net of devotion laced with music. My father, Bill Truglio, continues to convey his father’s gentle being. ************** My… Continue reading The Piano Player Part II

Ramblings & Writing

The Piano Player Part I

My grandfather’s baby grand Steinway & Sons piano stands on sturdy mahogany legs in my parent’s living room.  The rock maple case is encased in black walnut veneer giving off that classic Steinway & Sons presence. The Steinway & Sons name is scrolled in gold paint on the fall board. The white keys are ivory,… Continue reading The Piano Player Part I

Yesterday's Stories

The Compositor

This story was told by my Uncle Joe, my mom’s eldest brother. Anthony, their father, died when my mom was just a little girl and Uncle Joe was 14 years old. As the years rolled forward, he became the keeper of their father’s stories. This is one of them.   My father was a printer—a… Continue reading The Compositor