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Surrendering Pink

*This essay was published in several places, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Bridges publication and MBCNetwork website. I post it in one version or another on Facebook every October since I was diagnosed in 2012.   Ok, I'll say it; "I hate pink!” This is a harsh statement for me to admit out loud, on paper,… Continue reading Surrendering Pink

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Story Circle Network Star Blogger

That's me for the month of June! I am so honored to be part of this writers' tribe. And I get to put this beautiful badge on my side panel. Great big hugs and thank yous go out to Peggy Fountain and Jude Whelley for all the fine work they do in this organization.  … Continue reading Story Circle Network Star Blogger

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A Prom Story Part One

Proms have evolved over the years. Decorating the school gymnasium has been replaced by booking a brave restaurant venue. A one-man DJ substitutes for the local band and limos and coach buses line up to transport the youths instead of a mom’s minivan.  A few things have not changed, though. There is always the excitement… Continue reading A Prom Story Part One

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Fritzsche’s Bakery

Going to Fritzsche’s meant picking up rolls for sandwiches, cake for an occasion, and a cookie for the road. It was THE bakery in Sayville and, during my childhood, the only real bakery for miles around. Fritzsche’s was  located on Main Street, Sayville. The storefront windows were decorated with seasonal cakes and pastries to lure… Continue reading Fritzsche’s Bakery

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What’s In A Name?

  I went to my cousin’s daughter’s baby shower last week. It is all so exciting being that the baby is the first grandchild and great-grandchild of this family line. It was a lovely event filled with happy expectations, well-wishing, and love. The afternoon was filled with “oohs” and “ahhs” and retold birthing and naming… Continue reading What’s In A Name?

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A Saab Story

It could have been construed as a love affair. The beginning eye attractions soon morphed into a need to know, to touch, and a longing to have. Love can only explain my husband, Matt’s, fascination for Saabs.   Matt had owned a Saab, in some form or another, since 1978. He found the lines “classic” and… Continue reading A Saab Story

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Shock: Daily Prompt

It's when you go through your day, comfortable in routine and expectations: eat the meals, drink coffee, dress in regular clothes, complain about hair, weight, mounds of laundry, demands of a groaning car, a never satisfies partner, a lulling work day when suddenly, SHOCK! The bottom of your world falls out with the morning news,… Continue reading Shock: Daily Prompt

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An Awakening

I woke up in 1968. At ten-years-old, I was bubbled within the safety of my family and school. I lived in a tidy house on a quiet dead-end street, with my parents, three sisters, and baby brother. There was a yard to run through and sidewalks to bicycle on. Weekends were spent with cousins—my first… Continue reading An Awakening

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Sunday Daily Prompt

Sunday Daily Prompt Entertain In my world, the word, entertain, requires food. I like to cook.I like the process. Food planning, shopping, prepping, returning to the store for forgotten ingredients, and finishing the cooking takes all day. Cooking enough so that there are leftovers for a few days is essential. Leftovers are not necessarily for… Continue reading Sunday Daily Prompt