Taking That Big Baby Step

In today’s Indie Author World, a writer must know how to market, understand their audience, pick keywords, brand, stay consistent with the brand, navigate social media, and constantly be on top of the evolving market . I find marketing an exhausting means to get my books in front of my audience (parents, teachers, grandparents, reviewers, influencers (it’s a real title), and so forth). It’s been a slow baby-step learning curve for me.

Authors are entrepreneurs and need to be business savvy. I learned this the hard way. I lost a lot of time and money when the Amazon debacle occurred with The Dreams of Singers and Sluggers Book 2 in the Becoming America’s Stories series. I needed to set up an alternative to big e-commerce so my readers can reliably access the books they want. It took a lot of research, temper tantrums, and finally, that big baby step, but I did it.

Stories Served Around The Table Bookshop is OPEN for business

I set up a secure store so you can buy my books from me. Although I cannot offer free two day shipping, I can personally sign your books and include a touch of sweet swag. Isn’t that worth the wait?

Famous Seaweed Soup is on sale now until May 23rd. Give it a try.

Stories Served Around The Table Bookshop

Enjoy ❤️.   Like 👍.  Share 😊. 

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