Discovering Superpowers

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Welcome to What’s Your Writer Story, where Indie Children’s Book Authors present their latest project’s writers journey. Find out the what, where, how, and/or why of the process that brought a children’s book into the world.

Meet the awesome Christine Maier, children’s book author and speaker. Her book, The Too Tall Giraffe, was inspired by her life lessons and superpower discoveries. Read about her incredible journey. 

A tall giraffe uses her size to help others.

Discovering Superpowers

I was not a reader. As a child with a learning disability, particularly with reading comprehension, it was more than a simple lack of interest in reading. I hated reading. Until tenth grade. My friends forced me to read a romance novel. With one book, my life changed. After you would always find me with a book in hand—romance, historical fiction, mystery… I loved reading so much that in my senior year in high school I took a reading and writing elective. By choice. In class, we had to write and illustrate a children’s book.

I choose to write a book about giraffes because I like giraffes. Simple. Honestly, that’s all I remember about the thought process. Yet, this book about a too tall giraffe overcoming stayed with me. After publishing my first book, Blue Sky Morning, I started thinking about my giraffe book until the moment I realized, ‘I’m an author,’ I can rewrite and publish the book. It seems so simple now.

As I rewrote The Too Tall Giraffe from memory, the story was more obvious. Of course, I would write about overcoming a challenge. I had been in a reading and writing class because I had just overcome my own challenge—reading. I was also one of the shortest kids in my class, often hearing about how ‘good things come in small packages.’

As I had done with my first book, I did not write my story of overcoming. For me it was about making my story more universal, allowing kids to relate to it. Teaching them how to connect a story to their own story, helping them find their strengths and superpowers.

Christine is an author and speaker who empowers individuals and organizations to embrace their differences and find their superpowers. She is the author of the award-winning books, Blue Sky Morning and The Too Tall Giraffe.

Christine spent years believing a cleft lip and palate, being the shortest kid in class, and a learning disability were holding her back. But the opposite was true. They taught her that what makes us different is really the foundation for understanding our superpowers.

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