Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share: Post Beach Week

Good Morning, Everyone. Now that we are having coffee together, you can see that I am back from Beach Week(s). The ocean was glorious, the beach warm, the cottage perfectly cozy, and the days lazy and rejuvenating. We shared this little piece of heaven with our dear friends playing, eating, reconnecting, and collecting memories. Now… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Post Beach Week

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share Beach Week

Good morning, Everyone. I am writing to you from my favorite place in the whole world. Davis Park Fire Island is a barrier beach community just five miles across the Great South Bay.  Matt and I have been beach bummers here for 30+ years. We have amassed a posse of beach friends to share common… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share Beach Week

Yesterday's Stories

First Day at Greene Ave Elementary School

I began my school career at Deauville Gardens Elementary School in Copiague--a  small hamlet on the South Shore of Long Island. It was the 60s. The community was diverse. My classes were a mix of white, black, and Puerto Rican children. There were kids who did not speak English and some who lived with collateral… Continue reading First Day at Greene Ave Elementary School

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share 7-21-18

Good Morning, Everyone. Join me for a virtual cup of coffee. The sun is up, and the birds and squirrels are chattering. I wonder what all the excitement is about. I had a big travel week last week. It started with a flight to visit my daughter and grandkids on Hilton Head Island. The kids… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share 7-21-18

Yesterday's Stories

Kids’ Play

I am steeped in early 20th-century research for my book. How children played, went to school, and held onto friendships are my focus. The best stories come from first-hand accounts. This story was told by Pat Yanoti, my sister's father-in-law, and a long-time family friend. Thank you, Pat, for the wonderful memories.      *******************************… Continue reading Kids’ Play

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share 7-8-18

Good morning, Everyone. If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that it looks like the day will be clear and sunny--perfect for an outing on the Bella Vela. Our Herreshoff sailboat launched and sailed without a hitch. Everything worked the way it should without the need to adjust or re-do while out… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share 7-8-18

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share 6-30-18

Good morning, Everyone. It’s a beautiful summer morning. I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy this beautiful day. If we were having coffee together, I would report that my first week of summer break started with me stepping on a rusty nail. Within two days I was in the hospital for IV antibiotic therapy.… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share 6-30-18

Weekend Coffee Share

Weddings at #Weekend Coffee Share-June 23, 2018

Weddings Good Morning, Everyone. If we were having coffee together, I would tell you, WHEW, what a whirlwind these last two weeks had been. The quick news includes loving Tuesday nights crewing on the all-girl  Nellie Bly, school ending, and that our Herreshoff catboat is almost ready for launch. I had a little accident involving… Continue reading Weddings at #Weekend Coffee Share-June 23, 2018

Weekend Coffee Share

#Weekend Coffee Share-June 9, 2018

Good Morning, Everyone. Coffee is ready. Come join me. The morning is filled with bird chatter. I mowed the lawn yesterday, so the yard looks like a carpet of dabbled green. My husband, Matt, finished up the flower planting, the roses are budding, and the foxgloves suddenly appeared. Color is returning. It is just in… Continue reading #Weekend Coffee Share-June 9, 2018

Book News & Events

Long Island 2 Day

I was honored to be invited and participate in the Long Island 2 Day Expo. The West Islip Fire House's hall buzzed with sponsors, walking teams, and fun swag for the walkers. I was given a table to display my book, Hug Everyone You Know, and share my story. Five dollars for each book sold was… Continue reading Long Island 2 Day