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Surrendering Pink-an annual musing

  Pink-tober has bloomed in rosey reminders for women to be aware and take care. Walks, T-shirts, pretzels, and football fields parade the pink advertising the call to donate to awareness and support campaigns. Oddly enough, the breast cancer that robs us of our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends is not given the attention or… Continue reading Surrendering Pink-an annual musing

Weekend Coffee Share

Beach Two Weeks Coffee Share Recap

I had planned to get this posted last night (Friday, August 9th), but plans are easily thwarted. Please excuse the tardy time references. Good morning, Everyone. I’ve got an early cup of coffee, and a sand chair dug into the edge of the shore. The ocean crashes-a constant roar of power and beauty. Little sandpipers… Continue reading Beach Two Weeks Coffee Share Recap

Weekend Coffee Share

Pink-tober Weekend Coffee Share 9-29-18

Good morning, Everyone. Coffee smells really good on this crisp morning. It is suddenly autumn and we had been drenched this past week. Lawn mowing may have to wait another day. The garden is petering out. The tomatoes seem to be done. Not even a hopeful green tomato hang from a spindly vine. The peppers… Continue reading Pink-tober Weekend Coffee Share 9-29-18