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Halloween Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. It is a chilly November dawn on Hilton Head Island. Being that we fell back in time last night, morning arrived just as my coffee sputtered down the Keurig. Join me for our coffee chat.  If we were having coffee together, I would happily announce that my husband, Matt, and I are… Continue reading Halloween Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

Kids and Heat Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. I've got a bold brew of Community Coffee from a Keurig pod. Join me for a virtual coffee visit. I have been in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, watching my grandchildren this past week. Their daycares are on hiatus, so I'm happily filling in. We have been very busy baking cupcakes, going to… Continue reading Kids and Heat Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

Winter Break

Weekend Coffee Share 2-23-19 Good morning, Everyone. Come on in. How’s your coffee? I’m sipping coffee in cloudy (yet much warmer than home) Hilton Head Island, South Carolina where my daughter’s family lives. Baby boy and little girl action abound. My husband is steadily improving from back surgery. He can drive around town and is… Continue reading Winter Break

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Weekend Escape #Weekend Coffee Share 1-13-19

Good morning, Everyone. How is your coffee? Mine is a bit bitter coming from a mini drip coffeemaker–a big difference in taste and instant gratification as compared to my Keurig coffee pods.   If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that I am on Hilton Head Island Island, SC this morning. My… Continue reading Weekend Escape #Weekend Coffee Share 1-13-19

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share 7-21-18

Good Morning, Everyone. Join me for a virtual cup of coffee. The sun is up, and the birds and squirrels are chattering. I wonder what all the excitement is about. I had a big travel week last week. It started with a flight to visit my daughter and grandkids on Hilton Head Island. The kids… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share 7-21-18