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Fishing With Great Grandma

I knew my Great Grandma. She was a sinewy woman with strong hands that could hold a face with a vice grip squeeze. Francesca D’Aguanno began in Castellammare, a village on the northwest coast of Sicily. Farms and small vineyards dotted the landscape and were managed within corrupt feudal systems. The unification of the Italian… Continue reading Fishing With Great Grandma

Blogging A-Z April 2018 Challenge

K is For Kidneys

Do you remember the Meat Boycott of 1973? It was primarily organized by women’s groups protesting the rising cost of food.  Meat, in particular, had skyrocketed along with oil and gasoline prices. In the metropolitan New York and suburban Long Island areas there were a number of rallies and protests. The boycott was scheduled for a… Continue reading K is For Kidneys

Blogging A-Z April 2018 Challenge

B is for Blowfish

B is For Blowfish             Do you remember blowfish? They use to be abundant in the Great South Bay on the south shore of Long Island. They were everywhere—along the piers, in the seaweed grassland, and in a million secrete fishing holes. Blowfishing was an easy way to get kids fishing. My dad would fasten… Continue reading B is for Blowfish