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Grandma’s Chowder

Weekend Coffee Share 2-9-19 Good morning, Everyone. Come on in from the February cold. How’s your coffee? Soups are the best solution to the “what do you want to eat?” conundrum. Every year, my husband Matt and I host a Chowda’ Cook-Off at the Sayville Yacht Club. Crock pots filled with a favorite variety of… Continue reading Grandma’s Chowder

Blogging A-Z April 2018 Challenge

S Is For Sauce

It's sauce - not gravy. I grew up on sauce. Tomato sauce simmers on Sundays. A big pot is set up so that there is plenty of sauce left over for the week. First, onions and garlic are sautéed in olive oil, surrounding the kitchen with cozy warmth. Crushed tomatoes are added, salted and seasoned. No… Continue reading S Is For Sauce

Blogging A-Z April 2018 Challenge

C is for Chinese Cooking

My grandma developed diabetes in the early 80s. She was the plump Italian grandma who cooked like a master and thoroughly enjoyed hearty meals and sweet desserts. Diabetes was a nuisance. She had to learn to reduce sugars and those luscious carbohydrates. My mom and I thought it would be fun to bring Grandma to… Continue reading C is for Chinese Cooking

Blogging A-Z April 2018 Challenge

A is for Artichoke

Welcome to my Blogging A-Z April 2018 Challenge. My theme is Food Stories Remembered because there is always a story when food is involved. I consider myself a good home cook with a great appetite for hearty food. I have witnessed the creation of favorite recipes in friends’  kitchens and have learned from the best—my… Continue reading A is for Artichoke

Yesterday's Stories

Craving The Adults’ Table

Sunday dinners were sacred.  Family congregated to Grandma’s Brooklyn house on East 5th Street after church. Her brother’s family lived downstairs, and she lived in the upstairs flat. Grandma already had the sauce simmering, vegetables sliced and meat seasoned. I believed women got special dispensation from the burden of mortal sin by missing Sunday’s Mass.… Continue reading Craving The Adults’ Table

Yesterday's Stories

The Country House

The Country House American Venice was born of a land developer’s dream. He built homes on the Copiague’s marshland along the south shore of Long Island. A series of backyard canals led out to the Great South Bay. There were  Venetian-style bridges above the canals giving the neighborhood a European flare. Unfortunately, the Great Depression… Continue reading The Country House