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Weekend Coffee Share

#Weekend Coffee Share If you would like to sit down across the virtual table and share a cup of coffee and some pleasant conversation, then by all means, come on out and join us.  Eclectic Alli is hosting a coffee share.  This week’s share is here. and… Continue Reading “Weekend Coffee Share”

Craving The Adults’ Table

Sunday dinners were sacred.  Family congregated to Grandma’s Brooklyn house on East 5th Street after church. Her brother’s family lived downstairs, and she lived in the upstairs flat. Grandma already had the sauce simmering, vegetables sliced and meat seasoned. I believed women got special… Continue Reading “Craving The Adults’ Table”

A Boat Story

This story was first published in http://www.storiesserved.com on July 22, 2016 There were always boats in my life. Dad always had a floatable hull sitting atop concrete blocks on the lawn.  He spent countless hours sanding peeling paint and varnishing brightwork. There were always… Continue Reading “A Boat Story”

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