Weekend Coffee Share

#Weekend Coffee Share

If you would like to sit down across the virtual table and share a cup of coffee and some pleasant conversation, then by all means, come on out and join us.  Eclectic Alli is hosting a coffee share.  This week’s share is here. and the link up is here. Come on and join in! 

I am trying out this blog as a means to practice better blog writing and meet fellow writer-bloggers. My first challenge is to write these posts directly into the computer rather than scribble and jot on pages of legal-sized paper before being satisfied enough to type the story. By that time, as I have experienced when attempting to submit to Weekend Coffee Share, the weekend was over. My process is very time consuming and time is a commodity. I can’t change my writing process completely right now, but I could dabble with it on the timely pieces.

So here I am. February 17th Saturday morning sipping my first cup of coffee for the day. It was a crazy week at school trying to tie up lesson plans, testing, and meetings before the children and staff leave for winter break. We have the whole week off next week. Throughout January and these past few February weeks, I had been wiping down tables, pencils, and crayons after each session with my students, warding off any flu or common cold germs. It’s been a battle.

Winter break is here as is the raw winter weather on Long Island, NY. Lucky me, I am traveling to California today where I can shed my coat and wear sandals and crop pants. I had scheduled a mini book tour in Long Beach. I have very fun cousins who invited me to stay and are hosting me and my book, Hug Everyone You Know, at their book club. Gatsby Books in Long Beach invited me to a book signing event on Sunday.  I will also be able to visit with aunts and uncles I have not seen in a while. I hope to collect some famly stories to add to my Stories Served blog.

My hubby is staying home to take care of the cat, keep up with his work projects (no winter break for him) and nurse his very sore back.  I need to stock the fridge a bit for him before I leave this afternoon. Although he is a very good cook, he tends to baptize the kitchen, counters, walls, floors, and ceilings while doing so. He has a lot of good husband traits but cleaning is not one of them.  I fear I may be cleaning for two days when I return.

It is almost eight am. My coffee needs to be refreshed and I need to edit and should get a picture placed in this posting–another time consuming venture.  Have a warm weekend, everyone. Make it great.


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  1. If I don’t have a blog post written and posted in a half of an hour, even a 2000 word story, it’s taking too long 😉 Of course, reading old posts, I guess I should do more editing for typos… I guess my writing process is the exact opposite of yours.

    Enjoy California!

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  2. Oh, dear, my hubby was up at seven this morning cleaning the kitchen from his attempt to cook spaghetti sauce last night. I daresay that it will take me all afternoon to clean up his attempt at cleaning up. He’s half blind, literally, so the trick is to clean up after his cleaning without him really realizing it. 🙂 I love the man, so I do it. Have a great time in Cali! Enjoy the sun!


  3. I’m a non-linear writer. I don’t know how many book projects I have going on at the same time. I have lots of ideas, but sometimes my interest doesn’t last all the way. I have started to save my projects on my computer though, which does help a lot. I like Scrivener. Have you tried it?

    Have fun in California! Best of luck with your book.



    1. I haven’t tried Scribner-yet. The ideas flood in, and yes making folders on the compter does help. One day I will find that rythm.


  4. Hi Antoinette,
    Great to meet you. I also hand write much of my work and when I’m trying to refine something like a poem, I’ll rewrite it with pen and paper as the pile of paper mounts beside me. I find something tactile about the pen running over paper which stimulates the brain and there is science behind that. I found this article of interest: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nancyolson/2016/05/15/three-ways-that-writing-with-a-pen-positively-affects-your-brain/#3d2769657055
    Hope you have a great week.
    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you Rowena, for your comment. And yes, handwritting has neuro/learning/creative benefits that are a necessary to the process. Perhaps that is why i get lost in handwriting my work and in my jpurnal. The article was terrific. I will share it. Great to meet ypu as well.

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      1. Great to meet you too, Antoinette. I have hydrocephalus which was diagnosed as an adult and so I have a strong interest in the brain and neuroprocessing. Have you read a book called “The Brain Which

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  5. Great to meet you too, Antoinette. I have hydrocephalus which was diagnosed as an adult and so I have a strong interest in the brain and neuroprocessing. Have you read a book called “The Brain Which Changes Itself”. It’s fascinating and has been followed up by “The Brain’s Way of Healing”.
    I wrote a ten page letter to my cousin the other day in one hit and the pen just glided over the paper and I was really in the zone and weaving through anecdotes about my pups which became comic relief to the subject of her wedding which was cancelled not so long ago. Reading that article, I’m sure I was in the zone and whether I get stuck on a writing piece, I go back to pen and paper and it usually works. That’s probably why you find it so helpful as well. We’re not so crazy after all.
    xx Rowena

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    1. I find making sure I’m posting something/anything is a great way to keep the writing flowing and blog relevant. Hope to read you thete soon.

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