Yesterday's Stories

Childhood Terrors

Think Back Thursday Childhood Terrors Kids get sick. Young immune systems cannot ward off everything that comes its way. Although kids take it in stride, it is the adults who are terrorized by the possible aftermath when facing  life threatening illness. We live in a time when viruses and infections can be tackled with great… Continue reading Childhood Terrors

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

Z My Name Is Zuberi

  Marafiki Wapenzi Z my name is Zuberi I live in Zanzibar, Tanzania My friend’s name is Zulfa We like to play Mamba We speak Swahili And now we’ll say "Faida" Mamba An area is marked with definite boundaries. Everyone must stay within the boundaries. One player is the mamba (snake). The snake chases the… Continue reading Z My Name Is Zuberi

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

Y My Name Is Yani

Zdravstvuyte Druz'ya Y my name is Yani I live in Yaroslavl, Russia My friend’s name is Yuri We like to play Cossacks and Bandits We speak Russian                       And now we’ll say "Proshchay" Cossacks and Bandits Players split into two teams. The Bandits hide while… Continue reading Y My Name Is Yani

Weekend Coffee Share

A Very Tardy Coffee Share

Good Morning, Everyone. Come join me for the Sunday morning wake up coffee. Since we are having coffee together, I’d tell you I had been on spring break this past week. Matt and I had a fun-tastic Easter weekend with our grand-kids. I am putting together a photobook story of our visit. My granddaughter enjoys… Continue reading A Very Tardy Coffee Share

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

X My Name Is Xiang

                                Zàijiàn X my name is Xiang I live in Xiamen, China My friend’s name is Xia We like to play Cat and Mouse  We speak Mandarin                       And now… Continue reading X My Name Is Xiang

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

W My Name Is Wiktoria

                                  Cześć Przyjaciele   W my name is Wiktoria I live in Warsaw, Poland My friend’s name is Wikor We like to play Klasy  We speak Polish And now we’ll say "Do Widzenia" Klasy Klasy is similar to the American game,… Continue reading W My Name Is Wiktoria

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

V My Name Is Viet

                                  Xin Chào Các Bạn V my name is Viet I live in Vinh, Veitnam My friend’s name is Van We like to play Rong Ran Len May We speak Vietnamese And now we’ll say "Tạm biệt" Rong Ran… Continue reading V My Name Is Viet

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

U My Name Is Ursulina

                                  Olá Amigos U my name is Ursulina I live in Uberlandia, Brazil My friend’s name is Udall We like to play Queimada  We speak Portuguese And now we’ll say "Tchau" Queimada Queimada is Portuguese for "burned". This game… Continue reading U My Name Is Ursulina

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

T My Name Is Takeo

                                  Minasan, Kon'nichiwa             T my name is Takeo   I live in Tokyo, Japan My friend's name is Toshi We like to play Kagome Kagome We speak Japanese            … Continue reading T My Name Is Takeo

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

S My Name Is Saba

                                    Marhabaan Ya Aisdiqa S my name is Saba I live in Sakakah, Saudi Arabia My friend’s name is Sharif We like to play Ghommemah  We speak Arabic And now we’ll say "Wadaeaan" Ghommemah The "It"player in Ghommemah… Continue reading S My Name Is Saba