Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

U My Name Is Ursulina

                                  Olá Amigos U my name is Ursulina I live in Uberlandia, Brazil My friend’s name is Udall We like to play Queimada  We speak Portuguese And now we’ll say "Tchau" Queimada Queimada is Portuguese for "burned". This game… Continue reading U My Name Is Ursulina

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

T My Name Is Takeo

                                  Minasan, Kon'nichiwa             T my name is Takeo   I live in Tokyo, Japan My friend's name is Toshi We like to play Kagome Kagome We speak Japanese            … Continue reading T My Name Is Takeo

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

S My Name Is Saba

                                    Marhabaan Ya Aisdiqa S my name is Saba I live in Sakakah, Saudi Arabia My friend’s name is Sharif We like to play Ghommemah  We speak Arabic And now we’ll say "Wadaeaan" Ghommemah The "It"player in Ghommemah… Continue reading S My Name Is Saba

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

R My Name Is Rafail

                                   Geia Sas Fíloi             R my name is Rafail I live in Rhodes, Greece   My friend's name is Raisa We like to play Grandmother Sleeping We speak Greek          … Continue reading R My Name Is Rafail

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

Q My Name Is Quinette

Bonjour Les Amis                    Q my name is Quinette I live in Quebec, Canada My friend’s name is Quint We like to play King's Corner We speak French And now we’ll say "Au Revoir" King's Corner (or Four Corners) King's Corner is played with five children in … Continue reading Q My Name Is Quinette

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

P My Name Is Pana

                                              Atitu!                     P my name is Pana I live in Paulatuk, Canada My friend’s name is Pinga We like to play Blanket We… Continue reading P My Name Is Pana

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

O My Name Is Ora

                                     Hola Amigos!                     O my name is Ora I live in Oaxaca City, Mexico My friend’s name is Oelos We like to play La Gallinita Ciega We speak Spanish… Continue reading O My Name Is Ora

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

N My Name Is Neo

Hei ystävät       N my name is Neo      I live in Naantali, Finland      My friend's name is Niia      We like to play Te Tar Bug      We speak Finnish                                  … Continue reading N My Name Is Neo

Yesterday's Stories

T&R’s Hoagies Remembered

When my husband, Matt, and I were first married, we moved from our home on Long Island and lived in West Chester Pennsylvania. It was a nice village to start a life together. We had jobs to begin our budding careers. West Chester State College offered me a graduate program to complete my certification. We… Continue reading T&R’s Hoagies Remembered