Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

N My Name Is Neo

Hei ystävät       N my name is Neo      I live in Naantali, Finland      My friend's name is Niia      We like to play Te Tar Bug      We speak Finnish                                  … Continue reading N My Name Is Neo

Yesterday's Stories

T&R’s Hoagies Remembered

When my husband, Matt, and I were first married, we moved from our home on Long Island and lived in West Chester Pennsylvania. It was a nice village to start a life together. We had jobs to begin our budding careers. West Chester State College offered me a graduate program to complete my certification. We… Continue reading T&R’s Hoagies Remembered

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

M My Name Is Mofara

Sannu Abokin                     M my name is Mofara I live in Maiduguri, Nigeria My friend’s name is Mobo We like to play Boju Boju We speak Hausa And now we’ll say "Ban Kwana"   Boju Boju Boju Boju is a call and response game of hide… Continue reading M My Name Is Mofara

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

L My Name Is Laki

Alofa Pele!                     L my name is Laki I live in Le’auva’a, Samoa My friend’s name is Laeli We like to play Tuki Tuki Teni Teni We speak Samonan And now we’ll say "Tofa"   Tuki Tuki Teni Teni Any number of children sit in a… Continue reading L My Name Is Laki

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

K My Name Is Kalpana

                Namastē mitra   K my name is Kalpana I live in Kathmandu, Nepal My friend’s name is Kavi We like to play Seven Stones We speak Nepali And now we’ll say “Alavidā”   Seven Stones The children are divided into two teams. The seven stones are arranged one… Continue reading K My Name Is Kalpana

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

J My Name Is Jagat

          Halo Teman   J my name is Jagat I live in Jakarta, Indonesia My friend’s name is Jasmine We like to play Gajah, Orang, and Semut We speak Indonesian And now we’ll say “Selamat tinggal” Gajah, Orang, and Semut Two players face each other and hold out a fist in front… Continue reading J My Name Is Jagat

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

I My Name Is Ipek

         Merhaba ArkadaşlarI         I my name is Ipek I live in Istanbul, Turkey My friend’s name is Ismet We like to play Long Donkey We speak Turkish And now we’ll say “Güle güle” Long Donkey This game is played by girls and boys. The chosen “It”  is the… Continue reading I My Name Is Ipek

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

H My Name Is Hiram

Shalom Khaverim                      H my name is Hiram I live in Haifa, Isreal My friend’s name is Hadara We like to play Three Sticks We speak Hebrew And now we’ll say "Shalom" Three Sticks Three Sticks is a traditional children's schoolyard game played in Israel. The… Continue reading H My Name Is Hiram

Blogging A-Z April 2019 Challenge

G My Name Is

Caio Amici!                       G my name is Grazia      I live in Genoa, Italy         My friend’s name is Guido             We like to play Regina Regina Bella             We speak Italian And now we’ll say “Addio!”   Regina, Regina Bella  … Continue reading G My Name Is

Weekend Coffee Share

Coffee Break

Weekend Coffee Share 4-6-19 Good morning everyone. Pour your coffee, and we’ll chat a bit. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I slept late this am. The week was cluttered with lots of demands at work. Then there is the Blogging A-Z Challenge. Most of the game and language research is… Continue reading Coffee Break