A Quick Historical Perspective

Did you know it took fifty years of proposing, negotiating, demonstrating and demanding for America’s women to gain the right to vote?

Suffragettes were scorned, beaten, jailed and institutionalized during their fight to be heard. Our mothers lived with uncertainty and little representation. They could not own property, have a bank account, or hold any say in their children’s future. It took wars, disasters, and persistence until, finally, in August 1920, the nineteenth amendment was ratified, paving the way for women’s political equality. Finally, American women, the backbone of the country’s strength, passion, and future could, and still can, voice their needs and concerns.

Don’t get me started on the voting rights saga for American black and indigenous citizens! 

Vote! It  is your right, your voice.

Work for Peace

You have a voice

7 thoughts

  1. Amen Antoinette. 🙏
    Despite the farse of an election we had 2 years ago, corrupted to a level that put many 3rd world despots to shame, I’ll be taking my ballot in today with hopes that this round will somehow be better.
    BTW, I grew up surrounded by strong & bright women so it shocked me when I first learned that at one time some of our best minds weren’t welcome in a voting booth. It still strikes me as idiotic on the face of it.

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