Quick Morning Coffee Share

Good Morning, Everyone

Good morning, Everyone. I woke in the daylight this balmy November morning. It’s a busy day and week ahead, so I have to make this quick. Pour your brew. Let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee together, I would blurt out my busy list.

  1. This is it! The Wishes of Sisters and Strangers debuts tomorrow, November 7th. Due to a variety of glitches and scheduling missteps, the paperback version has not yet been posted. However, I have been assure it will be up by tomorrow (🤞). Stay tuned for Book Pub events and specials.  
  2. The unseasonably warm weather has stretched the summer activities into November. Matt and I took the boat to the beach this week. It was wonderful, and the ocean was tempting me take one last dip. Sadly, i did not consider bathing suit, but waded up to my knees. Today may be the absolutely last day since the boats will absolutely get pulled out of the water and tucked in for the winter. 
  3. Check out this week’s What’s Your Writing Story #whatsyourwritingstory. Lauren Ranalli tells how her interfaith household inspired a children’s picture book.   
  4. Vote! Vote for those whose priority is to lead their community with integrity and empathy, 

That’s all I got, for now.

QUICK! Tell me what’s going on with you.

Great BIG Thanks and appreciation go out to Natalie the Explorer who keeps the Weekend Coffee Share percolating.

Have a good week, Everyone. Make it Funtastic!

Enjoy ❤️.   Like 👍.  Share 😊. 

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9 thoughts

  1. Sorry to hear there have been glitches messing with the schedule for The Wishes of Sisters and Strangers. My fingers are crossed for you.

    Our unseasonable weather gave way the other day and we are now completely snow-covered. One full day of snowing!

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  2. Good luck with your book launch tomorrow, Antoinette. I just tried again to put my review on GRs – but could not find ‘The Wishes of Sisters and Strangers’ there. I also tried again to put it on Amazon but was not allowed since I had not purchased it from there. 😦

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  3. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. All the best with your book launch tomorrow. We’ve also had unseasonably warm weather, perfect for me to do several wonderful walks in the sunshine and stunning Fall colours.

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