#WeekendCoffeeShare February 24, 2018

           If we were having coffee together, I would catch you up on a busy week. Actually, I have been drinking coffee all day today trying to catch up from the busy week. This past week was my school’s winter break. I traveled to Long Beach, California on my Mini West Coast Tour. My cousins, Tara and Peter, hosted me in their lovely home. We biked rode along the beach, went to the aquarium where their son, Ross, works and took part in a President’s Day protest. I had a presentation of my book, Hug Everyone You Know, at the Gatsby Book Shop. The turn out was slight. It was a good thing Tara’s friends came. On Tuesday night, Tara’s book club came for a delicious potluck and book talk. This was a much better audience. I’ve decided that I much preferred to present at book clubs. Conversations evolve into friendly banter. It is easy to talk about the book and cancer with new found friends. I was able to visit with my aunt and uncle as well and meet cousins I had never met before. Cousins should not be strangers.

I had big plans to write while flying back to New York on the red-eye. No such luck. Although I didn’t sleep, I did watch a terrible Thor movie, finished reading Madeleine L’Engle’s  Wrinkle In Time (I forgot how great this story is ) and completed a crossword puzzle. I spent all of Thursday sleeping and then to a retirement seminar on Friday. That was why all day Saturday has been spent drinking coffee and finally catching up on writing. Feels good.

Have a good week, everyone. Make it great.


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