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Sweet William

Many Italian-American families, like mine, christened first born sons the paternal grandfather’s name. Second born sons were given the maternal grandfather’s name, and the third sons wore their father’s name. Daughters’ names similarly honored the matriarchal line. Families were littered with Vitos, Paulos, Marias,… Continue Reading “Sweet William”

A Boat Story

This story was first published in on July 22, 2016 There were always boats in my life. Dad always had a floatable hull sitting atop concrete blocks on the lawn.  He spent countless hours sanding peeling paint and varnishing brightwork. There were always… Continue Reading “A Boat Story”

A Fig Tree Grows in a Yard

Great Grandma arrived on an early autumn Sunday. She traveled from Brooklyn in the backseat of Uncle Tony’s black Buick sedan. Despite her 87 years, she swung the back door open and pulled herself out just as the car came to a full stop.

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