Last Coffee Share For January 2021

Good morning, Everyone.

It’s a brisk last coffee share of January on Hilton Head Island, although not as wintery as home in New York, where a nor’easter with snow threatens. Hot coffee remedies the morning chills. Fill your mug. Let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee together,  I would report that my daughter, Sara, drove 15 hours straight through delivering my husband to Hilton Head Island. She earned the “amazing daughter of the week” award. We spent a couple of days catching up,  spending time with the kids,  biking,  and eating shrimp take out before she headed back to New York and self quarantined. During Sara’s short stay, she delighted her niece and nephew and honed a new hobby. My granddaughter, Lily, received a felt kit for her birthday a week ago. Felting is complicated enough for an adult, let alone a seven-year-old. Although I enjoy a craft project, this one stumped me even with YouTube tutorials.  Sara, being an attentive and detailed artist,  took up the wool and barbed needle, viewed videos,  and “wah-lah”, a felt unicorn was born.  Sara continued to sculpt with leftover wool. Little Teddy delighted in the dinosaur, and because the kids’ kitten, Violet, decided these toys were hers, Sara fashioned a mouse. The kitten quickly nabbed the toy and claimed it as her own. 

If we were having coffee together, I would admit that I continue to slog through the writing. It’s getting there. I just have to embrace my slowness as part of the process. 

Daily Bread enjoyed a wonderful plug on Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Children’s Reading Room. I have mentioned before that this blog magazine has something for everyone. I especially like the recipes and book reviews. 

If we were having coffee together, I would close here. I’m getting out the door to walk to the beach and snap sunrise pictures for you. Look, the wolf moon is still up! 

That’s it, Everyone. Thank you to Natalie the Explorer for keeping the coffee share up and running.

Be well. Be safe. Be smart.

Have a good week. Make it Funtastic.

If you had purchased a paperback or ebook Daily Bread and/or Becoming America’s Food StoriesThank you!

Take a picture of you with Daily Bread and/or Becoming America’s Food Stories, and I’ll send you Reader’s Swag and add you to the Becoming America’s Stories Readers slideshow, coming soon! Kid pics are welcomed with parent or guardian permission. Don’t forget to leave a rating and quick comment on Amazon and/or Goodreads.


Daily Bread is set in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 1911. The story follows nine-year-old Lily, an American-born child of Sicilian immigrants, who wants to prove she is not a little kid. To be a big kid in the crowded tenement neighborhoods, she must tackle bigotry, bullies, disasters, dotty bakers, and learn to cross the street by herself.

Amazon Red Penguin Books

Hope you are hungry. Becoming America’s Food Stories recalls the tales that have been told around my family’s dinner table. The histories explain the motivations over bowls of macaroni, antics play out while slurping soup, and laughter echoes throughout the dining room. Pull up a seat. There’s always room.

“If you don’t cook with love, you have to get out of the kitchen.” Florence Messina

Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

23 thoughts

  1. Good morning, Antoinette, I believe all “Saras” are amazing daughters. I have one, myself. You made me smile with the You Tube tutorials. Funny how this has become the norm. I have “Daily Bread” on my reading list. I have read wonderful reviews. Natalie is an inspirational woman. I have nothing to share on Coffee Share this week, although, I still enjoy reading the posts. Take care, Antoinette. 🙂

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  2. Hi Antoinette, my first visit to your site, looking forward to reading more. I was encouraged when you talked about slowness in writing. Haven’t published a book yet, but slowly co-writing a book with a good friend. It is a book that we love, but it has to take a back seat to everything. Easier to write a blog post! I’ll be back and Daily Bread looks interesting. Thanks, Michele

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  3. I hope you morning walk and photo shoot is delightful!

    I laughed when you mentioned watching youtube to help with the felting experience because my boys got Rainbow Looms for Christmas (elastic crafts) and I had to look it up on youtube to help them!

    Thanks for the virtual cup of coffee. Have a great weekend.

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  4. Antoinette, Your daughter deserves the top star for driving 15 hours straight through and making the felt animals. The felt unicorn is very pretty. Thank you for sharing your updates at #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  5. Ah strolling the beach – – what could be more restful, thought-inducing and grounding. It’s been too long since I’ve taken that stroll. Our coast line here can be pretty rough so you get monster waves in some places – which I grew up on so love them as long as I don’t need to swim them.
    Great stuff from your side this week. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of felting before. How did I miss this?

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    1. The coast is pretty tame here, not like my FireIsland coast, but it is the ocean, vast, beautiful, grounding. Thanks for reading.


  6. I have an amazing Sarah too, but with an H, but she only drove 2.5 hours from Hervey Bay to come home for a weekend – yeah, not really the same, hey? If we were having coffee I’d thank you for Becoming America’s Food Stories. I’d also thank Donna C for recommending it to me and Natalie for hosting the link up so I could virtually meet you.

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