Becoming America’s Food Stories – A Review

Thank you, Donna,for such a thoughtful review. And I am so tickled you cooked and enjoyed one of the recipes!

Retirement Reflections

‘Becoming America’s Food Stories’ is part family memoir, part immigration story and part cookbook. Undoubtedly, it will make you reflect upon your own family, culture and food traditions — whatever they are. It is also guaranteed to make you hungry! With recipes ranging from simple pasta dishes and breakfasts to more complicated baked goods (at least more complicated for me), there is something in this book for everyone.

A quick and easy read, I finished my copy in just over an hour. I savoured the author’s treasure trove of warm family memories and swore that I could smell pasta sauce simmering in my kitchen.

As there was no sauce to be found, I decided to make the book’s Lentil Stew. It was an excellent choice. Thick, comforting and incredibly flavourful, both my husband and I greedily reached for seconds. Now, I need to decide what to make next. It’s a…

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