July 2020 Recap


to Stories Served Around The Table July 2020 Recap. The pandemic remains the topic of conversation. Everywhere, everyone must wear masks and keep a distance while going to and from essential errands. Recognizing neighbors in masks has become a skill set. I still find it hard to greet with a head nod, and elbow tapping friends is not satisfying.

I am sorry to report that there is only one blog posting for July.

An Absent Note

I needed to take a blog hiatus to tackle foundations for writing projects and wrestle with personal exigencies and clutter. The big crisis occurred when my dad’s tender heart stopped and needed emergency attention and repair. Scary. Horribly scary. Investigating, processing, and coordinating with doctors, my sisters, and Mom took juggling mastery. Communication was especially tricky with COVID-19 and visiting constraints. Thankfully, positive energies, medical science and expertise, family’s resources, Dad’s resolve, and Mom’s insistence that he was not allowed to leave just yet pulled Everyone through. Dad is doing well—very well, where it is difficult for him to “take it easy” (his normal state).

My other little personal fires have settled into manageable camps. I am back from my hiatus, ready to focus.

Here are the highlights

*Journal On! A Writer’s Daily Workbook is in editing. It’ll be a companion to Journal On! A Writer’s Daily Workshops for children of all ages.

*My application to BOCES Arts-in-Education as a visiting author in the schools is coming along. I will be offering several Stories Served Workshops for elementary to middle school students and teachers. You can click here to view my information flyer.  Contact me for remote and in-person options.

*I am enrolled in Creating Online Classes and Blended Learning through the Teacher’s Center of the Western Hamptons. Learning to teach online is essential for these times.

*Stephanie Larkin’s, of Red Penguin BooksMarketing Your Book-Level 1 course completed. Wow! This class was chock-full of non-scary step-by-step strategies I can actually do.

*Editing continues on Daily Bread. My beta-readers were so essential in pulling this story together. Heartfelt thanks go out to my parents, who provided the Sicilian dialect and manners’ nuances and details. Marie Yervasi, Westhampton Beach Children’s Librarian and Programmer offered insightful comments and suggestions.

*Thank you, My Everyone, for helping me decide on the Stories Served logo. Just about all votes led to this final choice.

* I’ll be back with weekly coffee shares and other writerly postings next week.

*Stay tuned for freebie giveaways coming up in August.

Upcoming Events

*August 20th, 7 pm Sayville Library virtual presentation The Author’s Journey Towards Being Publish.

I will be on a panel talking about Hug Everyone You Know along with Theresa Dodaro, author of The Tin Box Trilogy, and Valerie Nifora, author of I Asked the Wind. This program uses Zoom online. To sign up for this program, go to https://bit.ly/2DtbF88. You will be emailed an access link the day before the program.

*August 19th, 12:00 pm Rotary Club in Smithtown 

I will be live (properly masked and distant) talking about Hug Everyone You Know and perseverance with writing.

That’s it!
Be well. Be Safe. Be Smart.
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Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.



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