Martin Re-cap at #Weekend Coffee Share 12/15/18

Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share. If we were having coffee together, I would quickly tell you that my kids and grandkids will be arriving within a very short week. SO excited. I have been checking off shopping, decorating, cooking, and to-do lists. There is still so much to do. It is going to be a very busy, fretful, and festive week. Instead of my weekly musings and in the interest of saving some time ( and sanity), I am submitting my yearly Christmas Card Re-cap–a tradition I charged myself almost 20 years ago. Enjoy. 

                                                          2018 Martin Re-Cap

If the boats are finally tucked under tarps in the yard, then it is time for the Martin Update. Matt and I had a good year learning new things and experiencing different ventures. Hershey, the cat, on the other hand, doesn’t need or desire to learn anything new.  

Matt has resurrected his design visions. The basement is abuzz with CAD images twirling on monitors. Every horizontal surface holds models and prototypes under a haze of cigar smoke. Hershey adds to the ambiance by using his litter box.   

My mini book tour took me to LA, FL, MD, and WI as well as local spots. I discovered that marketing and promoting my book is more work (and expensive ) than writing. I continue to teach at RSE, try to blog regularly (, and make dents in other writing projects. Hershey likes to swipe at my fingers while keyboarding. And, Memorial Sloan Kettering CC still considers me the most boring metastatic breast cancer patient.

Our adult children live their adult lives. Sara tattoos in Brooklyn illustrates and shows her art. Robyn climbs, bikes, hikes, and paddles in and around Bend, OR—and works, too. Hallie and Lance live, work and raise their kids; our grandkids, in sunny Hilton Head Island. Lily and Teddy—our joyous light and purpose to save travel miles, continue to grow and learn in leaps and bounds. Hershey hides under beds when they visit.

Throughout the year, we celebrated weddings, new babies, and well-earned milestones. I sailed weekly on the Nellie Bly-an all-gal-crew. We managed to get four of the five boats in the water and used them. It was a lot of watercraft management. Hopefully, next summer the Power Cat and maybe the Hobie will sell.  Hershey happily stayed on land.

My parents are thankfully well and active. We can’t wait to share Christmas with our families and friends, making those sweet memories. Hershey will be glad when all of the partying is over.  
     Wishing all a Memorable Christmas and Festive New Year.
 With much love,
     Antoinette & Matt  




Hope all is well in your world. Thank you, Eclectic Alli for managing Weekend Coffee Share.

Have a good week, Everyone. Make it great.


Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

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  1. In so many ways, you and your family are living the dream. I know you work hard for it – but the results you enjoy with the fruit of it all has to leave you crawling into bed each night both tired and filled with thanks. I hope you family’s December unfolds to be exactly as it sound in your description. Blessings.

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