Hug Everyone You Know :Update

Everything is moving forward. My publicist, Caitlin Hamilton Summie has the ARC copies in hand (benefit of living so close to Ingram). My copies should be in my anticipating hands any day now! A few collateral materials have been delivered and proofs for more are almost done. I had the buttons done by Purebutton. The page grabbers were born by my fellow teachers. I designed the template and had it printed locally. I am having a Folding Party next week to get them folded and spark a  pre-order frenzy (I hope).

2 thoughts

  1. Get me a Button. My book club wants to read your book and then have you come for the discussion Maybe plan it when you do your Philly tour and come stay with me 🤗

    Sent from my iPhone. Pamela Kurey



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