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An Autumn Coffee Catch Up

Good morning, Everyone. It’s a beautiful Sunday autumn morning. I missed the coffee share last week and discovered I felt that something was missing. I tried to comment on everyone’s post, but you know how slippery time can be. Anyway, it is a new… Continue Reading “An Autumn Coffee Catch Up”

Weekend Coffee Catch Up

Good morning, Everyone.  Autumn arrived early with cooler temperatures, less humidity, and notably shorter days. Also, the tomatoes are about done, and the peppers and eggplants are not far behind another. Get your coffee. Let’s catch up. If we were having coffee together, I… Continue Reading “Weekend Coffee Catch Up”

Coffee in the Rain

Good morning, Everyone. The rain is falling in a gentle patter this morning. We need the rain, and I’m thankful the wind has finally laid down from yesterday’s northeast bluster.  Dangling tree limbs threatened landfall from last week’s almost hurricane.  The tree guy is… Continue Reading “Coffee in the Rain”

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