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Shock: Daily Prompt

It's when you go through your day, comfortable in routine and expectations: eat the meals, drink coffee, dress in regular clothes, complain about hair, weight, mounds of laundry, demands of a groaning car, a never satisfies partner, a lulling work day when suddenly, SHOCK! The bottom of your world falls out with the morning news,… Continue reading Shock: Daily Prompt

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An Awakening

I woke up in 1968. At ten-years-old, I was bubbled within the safety of my family and school. I lived in a tidy house on a quiet dead-end street, with my parents, three sisters, and baby brother. There was a yard to run through and sidewalks to bicycle on. Weekends were spent with cousins—my first… Continue reading An Awakening

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Sunday Daily Prompt

Sunday Daily Prompt Entertain In my world, the word, entertain, requires food. I like to cook.I like the process. Food planning, shopping, prepping, returning to the store for forgotten ingredients, and finishing the cooking takes all day. Cooking enough so that there are leftovers for a few days is essential. Leftovers are not necessarily for… Continue reading Sunday Daily Prompt

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Saturday Daily Prompt

Saturday Daily Prompt: Static I am attempting to participate in WordPress’ Daily Prompt. I am setting myself up for failure if I strive for a daily submission. Work and home responsibilities eat up enough of my writing time. It is more feasible to aim for Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule. My first Saturday prompt is… Continue reading Saturday Daily Prompt

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A Funny Thing Happened Along The Cancer Journey

This essay won honorable mention in the WOW-Women On Writing Winter 2017 Essay Contest. Excerpts are featured in my book, Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer.  I earned my first 2018 payment as a writer—a $20 Amazon Gift Card! Big hugs and thank you-s go out to the hard working WOW… Continue reading A Funny Thing Happened Along The Cancer Journey

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone December had been a whirlwind. There were report cards, interviews, holiday activities and concerts, shopping, scheming surprises, lots of cooking, and savoring my two-month-old grandson’s smiles. It was exhausting but well worth the chaos. I can’t help but smile as I looked through my journal reliving the crazy fun. All of… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Daddy’s Day

I propose a name change for the second Sunday in June. Let’s replace Father’s Day with Daddy’s Day. The alliteration makes it more fun to say and the meaning of the day is better represented. I am not naïve to believe that everyone gets a dad, and I am not about to take on the semantics… Continue reading Daddy’s Day

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The Piano Player Part I

My grandfather’s baby grand Steinway & Sons piano stands on sturdy mahogany legs in my parent’s living room.  The rock maple case is encased in black walnut veneer giving off that classic Steinway & Sons presence. The Steinway & Sons name is scrolled in gold paint on the fall board. The white keys are ivory,… Continue reading The Piano Player Part I