Blogging A-Z April 2018 Challenge

P Is For Pastina

Pastina is a  tiny star shaped pasta. It is cooked like rice whereby boiled water soaks into the pasta creating plump creamy stars. Add butter and a splash of milk, stir, and a perfect baby to granny lunch is ready. I had always known pastina to be a pantry staple. […]

K is For Kidneys

Do you remember the Meat Boycott of 1973? It was primarily organized by women’s groups protesting the rising cost of food.  Meat, in particular, had skyrocketed along with oil and gasoline prices. In the metropolitan New York and suburban Long Island areas there were a number of rallies and protests. The […]

I Is for Italian Bread

When I was a brand new mom, I enjoyed bringing my one baby girl, Sara, to  Walbaums for a morning of grocery shopping. I’d tucked infant Sara into a front knapsack carrier and easily push a shopping cart up and down the familiar aisles.  When she grew out of the carrier, I […]