Where does Famous Seaweed Soup Take Place?

Famous Seaweed Soup Curious Question #3

Fire Island separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Great South Bay. The barrier island is a 32 mile sandspit running from the tip of Democratic Point to Smith Point. It is accessible only by boat.  Carts and the iconic little red wagons are the SUVs. Town communities and the Fire Island National Seashore beaches fill the island. Each area has its own vibe and resources. The communities range from fashionable coastal homes, ferry service, main street boardwalks with shops, nightlife restaurants and bars, to quiet corners with modest cottages, and the bay side dotted with a few small boats moored off the shore. 

Sayville, my home,  is directly located across from Barrett Beach and Talisman on Fire Island. Back in the day, when I was a kid, I sailed my little Sunfish across the bay, or took the ferry from Part-0-Call to meet friends at Barrett Beach.

Talisman, a Fire Island National Seashore beach, became the favorite go-to when my kids were little. There was plenty of depth to moor a boat. The beach had picnic tables, bathroom facilities, and an unload-your-stuff dock. The ocean beach was a short boardwalk stroll through the “forest” of beach plum and chokecherry trees and poison ivy, then over the dune.

Talisman Beach was a perfect playground. The bay beach perfectly suited young children with its shallow shoreline and marine discoveries. We played all day. Heaps of eel grass lined the beach edges which inspired seaweedy imaginative play. We found small crabs, snails, and other creatures in the seaweed. The seaweed created sturdy sand castle walls, seaweed balls to throw at sand castles, and was the essential ingredient to Famous Seaweed Soup.

My eldest daughter, Sara, invented Famous Seaweed Soup at Talisman. She concocted her brew for each visit and instructed her sisters, cousins, and friends on how it is done. I loved watching her play and journaled her discoveries and wonder. From there, I wrote the story (and others).

Fire Island struggles to remain the protective barrier beach and home to the multitudes of marine life while progress marches forward. Today, Talisman is not the same. Erosion, storm damage, higher tides, and the decimation of the eel grass destroyed the bay beach. Yes, there are other beaches to favor. More importantly, there are organizations dedicated to restoring the bay’s and beach’s health. I found Save The Great South Bay mission and work worthy of my time and money. In the meantime, Talisman remains the memory of favorite family fun and the setting for Famous Seaweed Soup.

Great BIG Thanks and appreciation go out to Natalie the Explorer who keeps the Weekend Coffee Share percolating.

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