Books and Bookplates

Did you get one, two, or all three of my Becoming America’s Stories books? Did you fall in love with Lily in The Hearts of Bakers and Artists? Did you get angry at that mean girl, Edith, in The Dreams of Singers and Sluggers? Were you on the edge of your seat reading about the harrowing adventures in The Wishes of Sisters and Strangers? Great reads, huh?

As a reader, I enjoy learning about the author and book’s journey. I especially like getting a signed copy. Unfortunately, distance keeps me from attending live book events. Also, I use an eReader mostly for convenience and the font size, which every year gets larger. Even so, I would like a personal touch to my reading. Wouldn’t you?

 I came up with a solution. Bookplate Stickers! This very cool bookplate can stick to the back of the book cover, your eReader, laptop, notebook, etc. All you have to do is join the table by filling out the News to Nosh Newsletter form and I will quickly snail-mail your personally signed bookplate(s) to you.

What a deal! You get a personally signed bookplate and never miss my bookish announcements, events, and life musings (you can unsubscribe at anytime).

Click on the button below.

Enjoy ❤️.   Like 👍.  Share 😊. 

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