Last Weekend Coffee Share of 2022

Good morning, Everyone. Happy first night of Hanukkah!  

It’s dark and cranky this early on the south shore of Long Island. A storm has let up so hopefully the sun will peek through and brighten the day.

Pour your brew. Let’s catch up. 

If we were having coffee together, I would report that the Book Launch Trivia Party featuring the Becoming America’s Stories went off very well and was fun! Friends and family Zoomed in and played the game on NearPod, an education program. There were prizes and lively rounds played out for each of the books: The Heart of Bakers and Artists, The Dreams of Singers and Sluggers, and The Wishes of Sisters and Strangers. I had to move the game along quickly since it was a school night, and bedtime loomed for some of the players. My special guests were my sister’s young students who are now my fans. They engaged, discussed, and were the readers to beat playing the Trivia game.

I had some much needed help from my husband, Matt, who calculated the math for the grand prize, and my niece, DD, who was the technical guru.

There are a few tweaks I need to work out for next time. Yes, I hope to do this again, perhaps in front of a classroom audience and/or a book club… perhaps yours!

If we were having coffee together, I would announce that this is the last Weekend Coffee Share of 2022. Christmas is next week and my home will soon fill up with noise, chaos, overeating, and baking traditions. I love it! My daughters and grandkids arrive this week. Beds are ready, the tree is up and waiting for decorating, and lists of groceries and meals clutter the kitchen table and tax my memory. Snow may arrive, so my southern grandkids may get a chance to build a snowman, slide down a hill, and help shovel the driveway. 

I am closing with my annual update. This year it is in a top ten format.

Top 10 Martin Highlights

  1. Matt got his first tattoo; a striped bass, by Sara. If you need a tattoo, she is your artist who can get the job done beautifully.
  2. Antoinette’s The Wishes of Sisters and Strangers (book 3) launched. A revived edition of Famous Seaweed Soup comes out in May 2023!!
  3. Matt and I island hopped through the BVI on boats with 45 of our favorite cousins. Fantastic Trip!
  4. We also went on a 3-day boat ride with Barbara & John (sister and favorite brother-in-law) from MD to Long Island. Fun! We’d do it again.
  5. We spent a month on Hilton Head Island bonding with the grandkids, and biking around the island.
  6. Lily (9) and Teddy (5) remain busy little kids. Between school, lacrosse, kayaking, and Girl Scouts, days are full. Hallie and Lance keep everything and one on track.
  7. Matt got a new hip, adding to his bionic parts—doing great. 
  8. Antoinette remains the most boring Stage 4 patient at Memorial Sloan Cancer Center.
  9. Mom is busy getting her flowers to cooperate—backyard weddings are on the calendar. Niece Erica in June and…
  10. Robyn marries Tommy in April! We are ecstatic and happily scrambling to create a memorable day. 

That’s it, Everyone. What are you doing during these last weeks of 2022? 

Great BIG Thanks and appreciation go out to Natalie the Explorer who keeps the Weekend Coffee Share percolating.

Wishing all a warm and wonderful holiday season and 2023. 


Enjoy ❤️.   Like 👍.  Share 😊. 

Work for Peace

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  1. Matt sounds like a great guy to be this supportive while still recovering most likely from the installation of that new hip. Gracious – that had to be quite the experience.
    I laughed and grinned at your statement: [I] remain the most boring Stage 4 patient at Memorial Sloan Cancer Center. Bravo for you.

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