Sunday Morning Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone. It is a beautiful Sunday morning here on the south shore of Long Island despite the pandemic not easing as smoothly (is that the right word?) as all had hoped.

If we were having coffee together, I would report that my bike rides and travels through town spied so many graduation signs on the front lawn and birthday parades (I invited myself to join a few parades). It is a nice feeling to wave hello to neighbors I now recognize more readily. It is also so nice to see families, teens included, walking together, keeping a safe distance from others.

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you the yard is beginning to pop with color. Forget-Me-Nots bloomed their pretty blue, trimming the perennial garden. The veggies, broccoli rabe, snap peas, and collard greens (Matt’s favorite if I cook them with too much bacon), have sprouted. Window cleaning has commenced, and we are stripping varnish from the boat (thank God it is a small boat) so we can sand and revarnish the trim. The little engine needs some attention, but the sailboat now sports a fresh coat of blue bottom paint, and the rudder is hung. Getting close.

If we were having coffee together, I would report on the writing front. Daily Bread’s manuscript came back from editing this week with not too many errors and drastic changes needed. I sent out copies to agents and two publishing houses that did not require agents this week and crafted a spreadsheet. I decided to start weekly postings on how Daily Bread came to be. I will be presenting character backgrounds, back in the day stories, research and writing processes, and recipes. This weekend I have been trying to recreate the story’s sweet treat, Knot Surprises. The first two attempts were a bust, but this morning’s dough looks so much better. The problem with family recipes is that not much was written down. You can check out the first Daily Bread post from last week here.

I had some very encouraging feedback from the Blogging A to Z challenge. Journal On! Daily Writers’ Workshop targeted kids of all ages. I put together too short workbooks for teachers and parents to encourage journaling and creative writing. Journal On! Fun and Games and Journal On! Thoughts and Ideas Gleaned While Quarantined are available for free until the end of the (home)school term—June 23rd. If you or anyone you know would like a copy, please email me at I will send you a PDF document and the Powerpoint in exchange for honest feedback.

That’s it, folks. Have a good week. Make it great. Be safe. Be smart. Be well.

Big thank yous go out to Ecelic Ali for keeping the Weekend Coffee Share up and running.



Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

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  1. Good morning Antoinette, The graduation signs are a feel good and sad at the same time moment. I have been listening to a few commencement talks and always inspirational. I am looking forward to reading “Daily Bread” when published. I will head over to your post on it. Our oldest grandchild is six, so a little young for journaling. We have other word games we are playing on Zoom. Thank you for sharing your coffee time with me. Take care.

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    1. Word games are fun my g 6 yr old granddaughter and 2 yr old grand boy are not very attentive Zoom mates., so our interactions are short and sweet. Looking forward to better days

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  2. Hi, Antoinette – I too am greatly enjoying the ‘pops of colour’, both from Nature, and from the Graduation and Thank You signs.
    Congratulations on your great progress with Daily Bread. I look forward to reading more about this.

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    1. Word games are fun my g 6 yr old granddaughter and 2 yr old grand boy are not very attentive Zoom mates., so our interactions are short and sweet. Looking forward to better days


  3. Hi Antoinette, Great to hear about your nice bike rides and travels through town. You’ve got a lot of work done with your yard, boat, baking, writing and blogging. Thank you for your coffee share. Have a nice Sunday evening and upcoming week!

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  4. Hi Antoinette, I had a step-grandfather when I was in high school and he decided to buy a fishing boat which somehow meant he was entitled to have me work each weekend for him on that boat. It was not elegant and I got no time to actually sail with him or work the boat but I loved the work. There was always something fascinating to tinker with. He wanted everything to be brass so I made all kinds of big brass bolts and railings. These days, I think I’d prefer to actually sail rather than only build. It sounds like you guys are living the dream with your boat.


  5. I do prefer the sailing and I must admit, this current boat is the prettiest boat I’ve ever owned (and I had a boat in my life since day one) but it involves a lot of craftsman work which is my husband’s passion and skill set. His knees back, shoulder…etc problems have debilitated him making me the lakey and I posses little skill set for the finer points of varnish and finish work. I’d go for a fiberglass vessel these days.


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