X is for eXcitement

Welcome to my 2020 Blogging A-Z April Challenge. Each day, I will post a brief Journal On! Daily Writers’ Workshops lesson and prompt. Teachers, parents, and students may use the material to encourage daily writing practice, spark insight, and embrace mindful reflection.   

Excitement is exciting. There is birthday excitement, travel excitement, excitement over lobster, and candy is always exciting to indulge. Experiencing excitement perks up the endorphins in our brains, boosting moods and dispositions. Attention is focused, and energy seems boundless. Lists run through our minds and fill Post-It notes and scrap paper. Sometimes the planning and anticipation are more exciting than the actual event. Excitement is exciting—but I mentioned that already. Let’s journal about excitement.

  1. Primary Prompt: Draw an exciting event you had experienced. Was it a special birthday party, a family vacation, or a day trip? Or was it the time you learned to ride a two-wheel bicycle or when a kitten, puppy, or baby sister or brother arrived in your home. Add details such as the people and the place for when this event happened. Label. Journal about the exciting event.
  2. Intermediate Prompt: Think back to an exciting event. Was it a school play or a family experience, like a camping or ski trip, a game you participated in or watched? What did you do to prepare? Did anyone help you get ready? Was it hard to think of anything else while anticipating the event? Journal about your excitement.
  3. Upper-Intermediate Prompt: Are you excited over an upcoming event? Does it involve your family or friends or both? Have you done or been to this event before? How is this time going to be better and different from any other similar event? Journal about excitement you are feeling and your expectations. Include the consequences of excitement, such as sleepless nights and forgotten chores.

Until tomorrow, Everyone.



Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

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  1. Barely need excitement prompts today as we near the finish line of the 2020 A to Z Challenge! But these are good ones for future blogs once the challenge is over.

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