Last Sunday in April Coffee Share

Good morning Everyone. How are you doing?  The shelter-in-place lockdown continues in Suffolk County Long Island. Schools are closed, and only essential businesses are opened. I am in awe of the healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID19 crisis.  Although my household and family have thankfully been well and following the orders, the weather has been cold and wet, exasperating the cooped up feelings. There is just so much cleaning and organizing I want to tackle. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Let’s catch up.

 If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that I miss my COVID-19 pre-life. I miss seeing people, going to the store without a mask and a game plan, looking before I touch, and not touching, God forbid, my itchy eyes (pollen season is about to bloom). All efforts are making headway.  The exploding numbers are decreasing in the area, and hospitals are discharging more than admitting patients. It will be slow yet steady progress so long as EVERYONE cooperates and remains patient and smart.

If we were having coffee, I would announce that I’ve discovered the power of Zoom. We had a successful family Zoom session with 18 boxes talking at the same time. I made up Earth Day BINGO boards and sent them via email to the grandkids, nephews, and nieces. We played on Wednesday via Zoom. It was fun but deteriorated quickly when the toddlers in the room started to climb and dance on the tables.  I was also able to Zoom a cocktail half-hour with beach pals. 

If we were having coffee together, I would report that my parents remain in Florida. We are hoping they can fly home at the end of May. They are being good by following the rules, but it is getting tedious, and it is spring. My sisters and I are taking care of my mom’s gardens. We need to tend to the roses and hydrangeas and pull the dandelions and chickweed.

If we were having coffee together, I would mention news on the writing front. Blogging A-Z is near the end. I have had some helpful feedback on the Journal On! prompts for school-age children. I am planning on streamlining it and preparing a package for teachers. In the meantime, Daily Bread went to an editor. It’s happening.

That’s it, folks. Have a blessed day and  make the week great. Be safe. Be smart. 

Big thank yous go out to Ecelic Ali for keeping the Weekend Coffee Share up and running.



Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

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  1. Hi Antoinette.

    I have often wished that we could do a non-virtual coffee share. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually meet each other, get to know our spoken voices and the sound of our laughter? Each weekend that we meet now, some version of the same thought comes to mind. This week I also smiled sardonically when I realized I used to be among the minority who knew what the tool Zoom was for and had actually used it. My company, which did lots of web conferences well before covid-19 arrived, switched to Zoom about a year ago. Now, our church leaders use it for almost everything including, to meet with the kids who are part of our various ministries and their parents to help with the new spike in pseudo-home schooling. It sounds like your family is fully up to speed and is using it to maintain their great relationships.

    But I do miss the real look, touch and sound of an actual person well within the social distancing margin – and no one thinks twice about it. With that said, I lift my virtual cup of coffee and wish you great success both with your upcoming book and the on going adventures of Zooming with your family.


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  2. I agree. The Zoom is a satisfactory band aide for the time being, but no substitute for the real interaction. This will pass.


  3. Congratulations on getting so much done. I’ll have to back track through your A-Z posts. I’ve been doing it again this year. I’m having a rather unproductive day here, reading through coffee share posts and putting an occasional load of washing in the machine and dryer. Our son finally cleaned his bedroom floor yesterday and left at least four baskets full of washing for ME to do on the machine. He has been re-directed but I am giving him a hand. Now, we just need o ensure he puts it all away this time.
    I was introduced to Zoom by my occupational therapist, and it’s been a real salvation during lock down. Our daughter is using it for her dance classes and we’re using it for Church at well. We’ve had one meet up with my parents and brother. Mum and Dad found it quite novel and mum ran off and got changed. Didn’t want to be seen in her PJs even by us.
    I have just found out that from May 1 we can meet up in small family groups which is wonderful news. We can go down and see my parents. I’ve missed them so much.
    Take care and best wishes,

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  4. I am always curious how everyone else is doing and hoping we are all going in the positive direction. I think we are similar in the “slow yet steady progress.” Patient and Smart are great words, Antoinette. Your 18 boxes made me smile. We are also doing a LOT of Zoom. Fun and tiring and at least a way to connect. Take care and stay safe.

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