Easter 2020


Happy Easter Sunday, Everyone, and a blessed Passover and Ramadan.

We are all marking the holidays in very different ways this year. Social distancing is re-inventing our traditions. I want to plan a BIG shindig when this is all over. I truly miss hugging people. 

Grab your coffee. Let’s catch up.

Ok, the virus in the room takes up all of the attention. Television, streaming, and every podcast and news reports are heavy on the virus updates and tolls. I made masks from bandanas and linen napkins. My glasses constantly slip off from the added elastic behind my ears, so I have to hold them up to see what I am looking at. My tribe is healthy. Some have contracted the virus, but are faring well. A few acquaintances have not been so lucky. This pandemic is nondiscriminatory. 

Marinas and boat ramps are now closed. There is no rush to get the sailboat launched. I did get in a couple of bike rides, and bay beach and park walks this week. It was so nice to wave to strangers. Matt and I found a spot to view the incredible full moonrise. My phone camera does not do it justice. I also fed and mowed the lawn. Despite the upheaval, spring marches forth, showing us the promise that this will end. 

I don’t know about you, but apparently, there is a shortage of package yeast. I could not make the traditional Easter bread. Thankfully, my sister, Diana, keeps stock in such necessities and delivered a golden loaf to me yesterday. I am dunking a toasted slice in my coffee as I type.  Yum. 

Today, Easter Sunday, I plan to do a Zoom conference with my family. We will probably spend the first 20 minutes figuring out how to Zoom and will need to practice good conversation skills by not interrupting each other. At 1:00 EST, we are tuning into YouTube for the Andrea Bocelli Music for Hope solo concert at the Duomo di Milano.  

I am almost halfway through the 2020 Blogging A to Z April Challenge . I thought I was caught up, but this week I will need to scramble to get the posts out. I am presenting a journaling workshop for teachers and parents to use with their children’s schooling at home (Pre-K to Middle school). It is called Journal On! Daily Writers Workshop. I am hoping for some feedback from parents, teachers, and kids so I can take it on the road whenever school starts up again. 

That’s it, folks. Have a blessed day and  make the week great. Be safe. Be good. 

Big thank yous go out to Ecelic Ali for keeping the Weekend Coffee Share up and running.



Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

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10 thoughts

  1. Hi Antoinette, Yes, reinventing our traditions. You made me smile on the “virus in the room.” You made me laugh again on “20 minutes figuring out how to do Zoom.” I want to track down Andrea Bocelli’s concert. I am sure it was wonderful. You, too, stay safe. Big Hugs.

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    1. Thank you, Erica. The family showed up, all 15 of us, and had a good chat. The concert was beautiful, inspiring. Track it down on YouTube. WIshing you and yours a blessed Easter. Be safe, be well.

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  2. Yeast seem to be difficult to find everywhere. I had a package in the freezer that I took out two days ago, and baked a rye bread with yesterday. It feels like luxury nowadays! Happy Happy Easter. Stay safe!


    1. The Zoom family gathering took 20 minutes to get 15 people not to talk at the same time and figure out my parents volume was off. But it was fun and great to see everyone.


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