#Weekend Coffee Share March 31, 2018

Good Morning! If we were having coffee you may comment that it is early to get the day started on the first day of spring break. I am up early to prep a Saturday Easter dinner that will be celebrated at my parent’s house. My parents are in Florida, waiting for spring to arrive on Long Island. Their house is big and fits my sisters’ and my family for the holidays. We are gathering on Saturday instead of Sunday to accommodate our adult children’s travel needs since they are not teachers on spring break. Although two of my three daughters and my grandbabies will not be there, I have my eldest coming this morning and my nieces and nephews and grandnephews will be at the table to enjoy the day.

My husband reminded me that I did not bake Easter bread this week. Guilt. We will be joining friends for Easter brunch tomorrow morning. Traditions are changing.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would mention that I have been writing a lot this week. I finished two/ two and a half chapters on my middle-grade novel and sent off the first ten pages to two agents marathons that are being hosted by local writers organization and another by my alma mater, Stony Brook University/Southampton. I did get the first Blogging A-Z installment ready in draft and scribbled two others. I am hoping I have the attention and stamina to get a really good start on the blogs during this spring break.

Coffee is cold and the artichokes need to be stuffed. Wishing all a blessed Easter/Passover/Spring. Have a good week, Everyone. Make it great.

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  1. It sounds like you’ll have a lot of fun! If we were having coffee I’d tell ya this is the first Easter that I haven’t baked or cooked anything. I feel a little bad about it. I hope you and the family have a great time at your parents!

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