Hug Everyone You Know

BIG Hug-filled thank yous go out to Tina Hogan Grant, author and gracious book reviewer. Check out Tina’s Hug Everyone You Know review. It is especially gratifying to receive such high praise from a fellow breast cancer sister.…/



“This is a great story: inventive, informative, and irresistibly readable. Quite an accomplishment when the subject is cancer. Brava.” ―Odette Heideman, Editor, Epiphany Magazine

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Hug Everyone You Know is an Award Finalist in the Non-Fiction: Narrative category of the 2017 Best Book Awards!


The 2017 Best Book Awards brought in over 2,000 entries, one of the biggest years since starting the program in 2004.  I am humbled by the validation. Great big hugs and thank yous go out to the judging panel who are committed to all areas of the publishing industry: mainstream, indie and self-published.

Check out the impressive Best Book Award lists.  My book, Hug Everyone You Know is the fourth one on the list.


lisahasselton   Lisa Haselton interviews authors and reviews newly released books on her blog, Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews. Great BIG hug-filled gratitude goes out to Lisa for making the interview process painless and productive for this newbie.  Click below to read on.



scn-coverBe sure to get your copy of Suffolk County News, a local newspaper servicing the Oakdale to Bluepoint community. I was interviewed by Linda Leuzzi who had such nice things to say about my book, Hug Everyone You Know. Click the photo to check it out.

In case anyone is counting, there are 33 more days until publication day! It is really happening.