In Praise of Tomatoes

Good morning, Everyone. A clear summer day is ahead with cooler temperatures and sort-of lesser humidity. Let’s chat over a cup of coffee. I am sitting in an ancient Adirondack chair that has been part of our homes’ patio decor for, what… decades? It is wooden with some patches of lichen, comfortable, and amazingly sturdy. … More In Praise of Tomatoes

Coffee in the Rain

Good morning, Everyone. The rain is falling in a gentle patter this morning. We need the rain, and I’m thankful the wind has finally laid down from yesterday’s northeast bluster.  Dangling tree limbs threatened landfall from last week’s almost hurricane.  The tree guy is coming soon. The temperature dropped from sweltering to reasonable yesterday afternoon allowing … More Coffee in the Rain

July 2020 Recap

Welcome to Stories Served Around The Table July 2020 Recap. The pandemic remains the topic of conversation. Everywhere, everyone must wear masks and keep a distance while going to and from essential errands. Recognizing neighbors in masks has become a skill set. I still find it hard to greet with a head nod, and elbow … More July 2020 Recap

June 2020 Recap

Welcome to Stories Served Around The Table June 2020 Recap. Summer is bursting out all over. The foxgloves and hydrangeas took over the side yard, the raised beds hold a bounty of vegetable promises, and the catboat launched (rigging awaits). Schools in my area officially closed remote learning classes for the summer. Graduation parades and … More June 2020 Recap