#NaBloPoMo Day 11

 I jumped in the NaBloPoMo18 daily blog challenge for the remainder of November. Better late than never. Thank you shout outs go to Hareem Sumbul and Angela Kennedy for reviving the challenge and letting me join in ten days late. Prompt: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, don’t you think? “A… Continue reading #NaBloPoMo Day 11

Weekend Coffee Share

Mission Accomplished #Weekend Coffee Share 11-11-18

Good Morning, Everyone! The day is just beginning. Get yourself a cup of coffee, and I will catch you up. Mission accomplished. I had two live performances to do this week. Well, not exactly performances. It was more like presentations. There was the televised interview with Linda Frank, writer and LTV host of The Writer’s… Continue reading Mission Accomplished #Weekend Coffee Share 11-11-18

Weekend Coffee Share

October’s End Weekend Coffee Share 10-28-18

Good Morning, Everyone. If we were having coffee together, I would have to offer you a quick Keurig cup of Pacific Black. I had a hard time finding the time and energy to get any writing done this week. Time is tight. The week was incredibly busy in Kindergarten. Prepping Halloween festivities, completing assessments, and… Continue reading October’s End Weekend Coffee Share 10-28-18

Weekend Coffee Share

#Weekend Coffee Share 10-20-18 Birthday Recaps

Good morning, Everyone. Grab a cup of coffee. I hope you had a great week and had fun weekend plans. Summer officially check out on Long Island. The mornings are nippy, and the days are getting short. Let me tell you about our fabulous time in Charleston, SC last weekend. Matt and I flew to… Continue reading #Weekend Coffee Share 10-20-18 Birthday Recaps

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Birthday Trip

Good Evening, Everyone. If we were having coffee together you would see that we would have to meet at the airport. I am mixing my evening cup of joe with an airport gin and tonic. It is my grandson’s first birthday. My daughter and her family live on Hilton Head Island--some ridiculous amount of miles… Continue reading Weekend Birthday Trip

Ramblings & Writing

Surrendering Pink

*This essay was published in several places, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Bridges publication and MBCNetwork website. I post it in one version or another on Facebook every October since I was diagnosed in 2012.   Ok, I'll say it; "I hate pink!” This is a harsh statement for me to admit out loud, on paper,… Continue reading Surrendering Pink

Weekend Coffee Share

Beaches and Birthdays Weekend Coffee Share 10/7/18

Good morning, Everyone. How was your week? Do you have weekend plans? The coffee is great-especially at the beach. Matt and I took a Fire Island cottage at Davis Park for the long weekend. I am getting one last ocean swim in for 2018, spend some time with my beach pals, and soak in the… Continue reading Beaches and Birthdays Weekend Coffee Share 10/7/18

Weekend Coffee Share

Pink-tober Weekend Coffee Share 9-29-18

Good morning, Everyone. Coffee smells really good on this crisp morning. It is suddenly autumn and we had been drenched this past week. Lawn mowing may have to wait another day. The garden is petering out. The tomatoes seem to be done. Not even a hopeful green tomato hang from a spindly vine. The peppers… Continue reading Pink-tober Weekend Coffee Share 9-29-18

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share 9/22/18

Good Morning, Everyone.    Grab your coffee because here we are, once again, for another #Weekend Coffee Share.    I’ll first get the sad news out in the open--summer 2018 is officially over. It was hot, extremely humid (my hair will need months to recover), overly blustery, and marred with rust-tide (worse than red-tide) and zucchini fungus,… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share 9/22/18

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share 9/15/18

Good Morning, Everyone If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the wedding in New Jersey was lovely. I had so much fun with extended family that included sisters, a brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, and parents. We usually do enjoy these gatherings- weddings, anniversaries and big birthday bashes. Even funerals give us an… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share 9/15/18