Midsummer Coffee Share

Good morning, Everyone.

Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew, and we’ll catch up. It is a lovely summer morning here on the South shore of Long Island. If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that this summer is busy. The yard is finally planted and almost completely mulched. Our Hershoff America catboat is rigged and ready for a sailboat ride if only our schedules will coordinate, and the winds calm down. Today just may be the day.

But I have been sailing. Last Monday, my daughter Sara and I got the second of our two-sunfish fleet on the bay. We troubleshooted a few issues and sailed about on each boat.  On Tuesday nights, I crew on an all-women’s sail team. It is a night of excitement, camaraderie, and joy. Last Wednesday night, the first Women’s Second Wind Sunfish Sailing Series began. Five ladies of a certain age helped each other get our little sunfish off the beach and onto the bay for a friendly race. It was a perfect night with steady winds and exhilarating tacks. More sailors are expected for this Wednesday night.

 If we were having coffee together, I would say that Matt and I are venturing beyond our town borders. Last week we traveled to Rhode Island to visit my sister and brother-in-law, Barbara and John. My niece Angela was also visiting. Barbara and John are living on a boat this summer while tying up business obligations. We helped out with a bit of boat maintenance, got to do a little fishing and swimming, and, because we were in Rhode Island, ate lobster! The fireworks shows surrounding the marina were wonderful. We filled the two days with lots of laughs. This past Friday, Barbara and John came to Long Island for a visit. We ventured a few towns west to go to a free concert featuring a well-reviewed cover band for Queen. Our plans were squashed because the parking lots were filled 2 hours before showtime. Instead, we improvised by going to the next town beach where there was a fun 70’s band playing. We met cousins and friends, sipped wine, nibbled on snacks, danced a bit, and had a great time.

If we were having coffee together, I would report that I am making slow progress on my middle-grade story. I am trying to find a summer routine to guarantee substantial writing time. My public library may become my new office. It is cool but not cold, quiet but not silent. Also, the home refrigerator, laundry, and yard do not call me. I have also given myself a challenge to post a weekly family story with a boating theme. Here are the links to the latest: Fourth of July Memory and The Genesis of Boat Passions.

That’s it!  I need to get another cup of coffee and get the day started.  

As always, BIG THANK YOUs go out to, Eclectic Alli for managing Weekend Coffee Share.

Have a good week, Everyone. Make it great!

Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

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12 thoughts

  1. Hi Antoinette, That is exactly what I did. I grabbed a cup of coffee and began reading. You remind me of how sailing depends on the weather, although you find ways to do it anyways. A good metaphor for life. We don’t have lobster out west, so a huge treat for us. Can’t complain, since plenty of crab for us. You remind me of writing and distractions and how we each come up with sometimes unique quiet corners to write. An aside: I have a daughter, Sara, without the “h”. Something else we have in common. An enjoyable read:)

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    1. I thought I was being unique spelling her name without the /h/, but it was amazing how many Sara there were in her classes

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  2. I like the photograph associated to your coffee share. It looks like a lovely place it sit.

    I’ve never been sailing but I think it would be amazing. And living on a boat for the summer, wow, sound like an adventure.

    Thanks for coffee, have a great week.

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  3. I’m so glad to hear that your writing is going well! That’s always an exciting season to be in. I’m sure that sailing is giving you lots of time for you to feel free and therefore make the writing easier! It sounds like you had a lovely week.

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