#Weekend Coffee Share-June 2, 2018

Good Morning. I have neglected the Weekend Coffee Share for two weeks. I can claim that I am busy, but I am always busy. It is not an excuse to not write a Weekend Coffee Share or anything else.

If we were having coffee together this morning, I would have to share an airport cup with you at JFK. My husband, Matt, and I are taking off to visit our grandkids and daughter in Hilton Head Island. Dawn had just risen, so the day started with a drive to the airport, parking, navigating security and settling in to wait for the plane to arrive. The smooth 45-minute drive to the airport lulled me into believing this trip was going to go without a glitch. I no sooner pulled into the parking service lot and locked the keys in the car that was still running and held our luggage. Thankfully the attendants were able to shimmy and unlock the door. Apparently this happens all of the time.  Traveling a hassle, but visiting my little grandbabies is worth it.

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that my school is far from winding down the school year. There are three weeks left for the kids and teachers to complete final assessments and meetings, wrap up the life science unit with the baby chicks hatching, have a field day, perform a spring concert and talent show, finish art projects, distribute yearbooks, participate in the moving-up ceremony, and pack my resource room space for the summer break. The school palpates with anticipation and energy.

The airport coffee tastes too bitter to finish. I’ll have to wait until I arrive in Savannah. In the meantime, I can report that I was in Maryland at the Gaithersburg Book Fest two weeks ago. The weather did not cooperate for this outdoor event. It showered, drizzled, and remained damp all day. Although I did not sell books, I did get to spend a day with fellow sister-writers from She Writes Press. My sister, Barbara, joined me. We had a giggly weekend despite the weather and poor sales.     

The Next Generation Indie Book Award announced that my book, Hug Everyone You Know, was a Finalist in the Women’s Non-fiction category. Such an honor! I would to go to the award ceremony in New Orleans but it is scheduled on the last day of school and then there is the cost.

The Story Circle Network named me Super Blogger for the month of June. I have to credit Blogging A-Z Challenge and Weekend Coffee Share in keeping me writing and blogging. My new book is plodding along, though. It’s that time thing again.  

The yard is shaping up. The lawn is green and the garden and flower beds are planted. Matt untangled and installed his soaker water system to ward off fungus. I have a little more planting to finish and a lot of boat cleaning and prep. Matt is repairing the boom on our sailboat and hired a couple of young lads to paint the bottom. It was worth every penny since Matt’s back was not cooperating and it would have taken me two days to complete. It would have been another two or three days to get all of the blue paint off of me. I usually come out looking like a smurf after boat bottom painting. I need to clean out, polish and get all of the stuff out of the basement and into the boat so we can launch.

In the meantime, Tuesday night sail racing started this week. I crew on the Nellie Bly with fellow women sailors. We are getting better at the starts but usually come in last. The Nellie Bly was not designed for speed. It doesn’t really matter since we are all happy to sail on the bay with good friends on a Tuesday night.

The plane will be landing soon. I will have to proof and post later today. I look forward to reading your posts.  

Have good weekend and week, Everyone. Make it great.


Antoinette Truglio Martin is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. The memoir is a wimpy patient’s journey through her first year of breast cancer treatment.

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  1. Thank you Antoinette! Your life is so busy, and Your blog is a great way to keep track of you. Congratulations on the recognition you received from Story Circle and the Indi Book Award. 🏆


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  2. You are one busy lady! I hope you had a marvelous time with your grand kids! I would love to see some photos from your garden next time we have coffee 🙂


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